Virtual reality

Virtual reality

The future is immersive

Creates fully immersive, computer-generated 3D environments that users are able to interact with. Unlike augmented reality (AR), it does not incorporate the real world.

Heralded as the next big step in computing, Virtual Reality (VR) was slow to gain traction in past years. But as headsets become more accessible and affordable, the technology is finally growing up. While content creation for household entertainment is kicking into gear, many sectors are beginning to see the potential of VR applications as well.

Immersive gaming and VR movie experiences are set to disrupt the world of entertainment. However, use cases are also emerging within other industries. These business applications show that VR could be just as transformative in professional contexts by saving costs and improving operational excellence.

delaware has been exploring the world of augmented, virtual and mixed reality since 2015.

Business applications of VR

  • Product development

companies will use virtual reality to visualize prototypes. This gives engineers detailed insights into a product at the very beginning of the development process, minimizing errors and saving time. 

  • Virtual tours

from real estate to building sites and tourism offices, VR enables virtual tours, allowing companies to point out all the best features in real time.

  • Collaboration

virtual workspaces are an engaging, immersive and low-cost solution to holding meetings with people based in various locations. 

  • Data visualization

visualizing big data in virtual environments makes data even more engaging and actionable, enabling a whole new level of collaborative decision-making.

  • Training

virtual reality offers new ways to convey knowledge and allows employers to test their workers in realistic environments without the risks.

  • Marketing & sales

VR allows marketeers to showcase products in virtual worlds or lets them create emotional experiences that deepen customer engagement with a brand or product.

Start exploring

AR and VR will disrupt the ways we live, work and collaborate with each other. Since 2015, delaware has been exploring the world of augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Combined with other technologies such as the Internet of Things, drones or beacons, the possibilities are truly endless.

Whether you’re aiming for operational excellence or improved customer experiences: augmented, mixed or virtual realities can make the difference. The technologies promise to evolve rapidly, so in order to unlock future value, businesses should begin by exploring the many possibilities AR and VR have to offer.

How delaware can help

  • Thanks to a thorough understanding of industries and corporate processes, delaware can assist you in defining VR technology applications with realistic growth opportunities.
  • At delaware, we live and breathe the integration of business flows with data. Our extensive track record as a systems integrator is a meaningful asset in building VR applications on top of existing data flows and diverse communication infrastructures.
  • Whatever your business case, delaware can support you with all the skills required for these next generation applications, such as (3D) design, audio and storytelling.
  • Our experience in a wide range of industries allows us to both inspire you and guide you through complex business transformations that go beyond virtual reality.

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