Ventures by delaware

Ventures by delaware

What ventures by delaware can do for you

Do you have a business plan centered around a proven idea? Are you passionate about transforming your idea into a sustainable business?

Enter ventures by delaware: a unique accelerator, mentorship and funding program that goes far beyond tired, traditional models of investment. Over a period of around 6 months, we will collaborate with your founding team to develop your dream into a marketable, scalable product – and build a business that can stand on its own two feet.

Together, we’ll tackle three core ambitions:

Building a company

This includes developing your founding team, your strategy and your financial plan.

Building a product

We’re aiming for a scalable MVP based on unique tech that continues to deliver value.

Building a revenue stream

We’ll create a game-changing business model featuring an initial revenue stream and sustainable distribution.

What you get

What makes us different? We’re glad you asked. Thanks to our own IT experience and ability to access a wide range of assets, networks, fields of expertise, we can precisely tailor our investments to support you on your optimal roadmap to successful launch and scale-up.

Count on:

  • Airtime in front of the customers you’re targeting
  • Tech tuning in preparation for scaling and release
  • Partners familiar with industrial processes and pain points
  • Robust, experienced shoulders to lean on
  • Game-changing business models that boost value over time
  • Strong leaders and teammates in the short run

Investment of EUR 100,000 in cash

Use this money to pay your founders, development team and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Investment of EUR 100,000 in kind

This includes shared resources (training, network, partnerships, toolkits, etc.), shared business services (legal, finance, devops, facilities, etc.) and core services (leadership building, sales & bizdev, technology strategy, go to market, etc.).

Personal coaching

Two delaware mentors will assist you in obtaining the right resources at the right time and ensure you get the most out of our ecosystem.

In search of venture building and experienced insights? We’ve got you covered.