WorkPoint and delaware become partners in unlocking the full potential of Office 365

Jan 28, 2020
  • press release

Medium and large companies in the Benelux can look forward to optimized business processes with the new partnership between WorkPoint and delaware.

Left is: Asger Steffensen, Partner at WorkPoint
Right is: Bram de Jager, Lead Architect at delaware and Microsoft MVP

International expansion

WorkPoint is the name of the company as well as the software system systemising and professionally managing all soft data. WorkPoint was founded in Denmark in 1997 and works with skilled partners.The immense growth in critical data and the need for new and more dynamic collaborations have increased the demand for added value to Office 365 solutions, and a strategic focus on expanding their international partner channel has now resulted in a new partnership with delaware.

Global but local at heart

delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. 

“We make business effective by unlocking information and making it consumable, we call this the Integrated Enterprise”, says Bram de Jager, Lead Architect at delaware and Microsoft MVP. “We deliver this by unlocking the full potential of Office 365 and SharePoint and integrate content and data from core enterprise systems. To strengthen our value proposition we looked at a partner who optimizes business processes for the management of projects, cases, documents, emails and contracts. That is exactly the core focus of WorkPoint. Their product comes with pre-defined and easy-to-implement business solutions atop of the Microsoft platform.”

An important step

“With 2,150 professionals working in 12 countries spread over Europe, Asia and the Americas, the partnership with delaware is important to WorkPoint”, says Peter Jørgensen, CEO of WorkPoint. “delaware has the capacity, the mindset and the skills to implement WorkPoint and service cus­tomers in the enterprise segment. delaware is also a highly recognized company, and it is a seal of approval that they have chosen WorkPoint as a new partner. We expect an increased awareness of WorkPoint, and we look very much forward to working closely with delaware.”