GROW with SAP: your Cloud ERP journey made easier

Jan 25, 2024
  • SAP

Despite its many benefits, Cloud ERP adoption can seem daunting, expensive and needlessly complicated for many SMEs. The GROW with SAP offering aims to lower that threshold. With a comprehensive package of solutions and services, it shows SMEs that Cloud ERP adoption can be swift, predictable, and open the door towards continuous innovation.

Kickstart your Cloud journey

GROW with SAP targets mid-market customers taking their very first steps into the world of SAP. The fit-to-standard solution enables SMEs to streamline, optimise and automate their business processes without a costly and/or extensive IT team - empowering businesses to turn big dreams into scalable growth.

Adoption & acceleration servicesSolutionsCommunity & Learning
•   Tools, methodologies, and activation services

• Access to the SAP global partner ecosystem
• SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

• SAP Business Technology Platform

• Pre-configured industry best practices
• Access to the SAP Community

• A wealth of learning resources, tailored to your goals

“GROW with SAP has everything you need to establish a future-proof and easy-to-navigate cloud ERP from scratch,” says Filip Pannecoucke, SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud expert at delaware. “Any successful cloud journey starts with a clean ERP backbone. And that is exactly what GROW with SAP offers.”

Keep your core clean

GROW with SAP is based on well-known words of cloud-adoption wisdom: keep your core clean. ”Don’t stuff your digital core with complexities that don’t belong there, such as applications for HR and supply chain management,” explains Filip. “Instead, go for a modular set-up.”

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In such an open, hybrid system landscape, the standardised core (ideally) covers about 85% to 90% of your processes. It can then link with any tools that are specifically designed to manage the intricate procedures that complete your business identity.

Key benefits

“The fit-to-standard cloud mindset has a variety of benefits for SMEs,” adds Filip. “For example, connecting other systems becomes fast, easy, and agile. The plug-and-play environment facilitates future upgrades and scales along with your growth.”

  • Convenient and low-maintenance: ready-to-go, pre-configured processes that you can easily roll out to new entities (e.g., after a merger or acquisition);
  • Agile growth and innovation: grow your customer base, market share and product offerings, while your infrastructure remains simple and intuitive;
  • First-class guidance: access to SAP partners (such as delaware) and the SAP Community, so you can start and continue your cloud journey with confidence;
  • Democratised access to SAP software: your IT-team can shift the focus from keeping your core compliant, up-to-date, and secure, towards innovation and optimisation. With GROW with SAP, your total cost of ownership remains feasible.


For SAP base customers who wish to migrate their current system landscape to the cloud, SAP provides the RISE with SAP facilitator. Just like GROW with SAP, this package contains accelerated activation services, tools, methodologies, and more. For RISE, though, they are used to create a tailored-to-fit ERP that incorporates the customer’s existing infrastructure, while benefiting from everything the cloud has to offer. Nevertheless, approaching your migration as a momentum for self-reflection and considering a greenfield with GROW with SAP is an equally valid option.

“You can choose between the basic RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition and its premium counterpart,” elaborates Filip. “The former involves process automation tools and basic finance entitlements, that the latter then expands upon. Both make sure – via a questionnaire – that all aspects of your business profile are captured in an architecture of seamlessly interacting components.”

How delaware can help you GROW and RISE

As one of 11 SAP Platinum Partners around the globe, delaware can support your cloud journey from start to finish and beyond. In 2017, our expertise and efforts were even crowned with the first SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Partner of the Year award. 

As an SAP co-innovator and your trusted advisor, we will work together to define your personal scope, foundation, and roadmap. We make sure that your ERP system reflects your company’s unique profile and processes, based on our industry specific experience. Additionally, we will aim to get everything up and running in a matter of weeks, and offer training and follow-up afterwards.

After the accelerated implementation process, you can count on a fully future-proof, standardised and intuitive ERP environment – continuous innovation without disruption. Does your corporate structure change? No problem – your ERP system will follow along without incompatibility or storage issues.

Ready to GROW and/or RISE with delaware?

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