Personalization: your key to a satisfying customer experience

Personalization: your key to a satisfying customer experience 

Saying that effective marketing requires personalized content is one thing, but producing that content is quite another. Not surprisingly, then, many marketeers are still struggling to achieve mass customization. Are you one of them? If so, this episode in our podcast series on digital marketing is a must listen for you! 

In less than 15 minutes, our digital experts, Alexandre Guytard and Olivier Cuvelier, will take you beyond basic A/B testing into a more specialized territory, where content customization rules are established based either on user behavior or user data. But first our experts will lay out a number of factors that lead to a satisfying customer experience. 

For Alexandre and Olivier, the essential personalization steps you need to take are:  

  • collect user data to create personas
  • define a content and personalization strategy that meets your needs, 
  • put rules in place that allow you to provide personalized content that reaches your target market and increases your conversion rate.


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