B2B2C – an indispensable synergy

B2B2C – an indispensable synergy

Marketing has been transformed in recent years, particularly in the approach we take to target groups. Previously, the B2B model was aimed at meeting the expectations of other companies, partners, or resellers, but now B2C is also essential, because the user experience has become ultra-important. That’s why the ideal strategy is to mix the two, resulting in B2B2C. And that’s exactly what the fourth episode of our digital marketing podcast series is about.

Digital specialists Alexandre Guytard and Olivier Cuvelier explain the importance of B2B and B2B2C. You have to take into account the expectations of your end users from the outset, whether they’re your partners, your customers, or your employees. You must create a synergy between the worlds of B2B and B2C on a single platform. It’s also important to create a personalized digital journey, and your platform must be intuitive in order to make adoption as easy as possible.  

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