Why delaware? Cloud expert Joakim explains

May 29, 2019

Joakim Schepens started working at delaware in 2009. Fresh out of university – he studied Business Engineering – Joakim was hired as an SAP consultant and focused mainly on warehousing processes. A few years later, he switched to the FAST Solution, which adopts a more template-based implementation approach. Joakim found himself a spot at delaware that allows him to combine his operations management skills and his love for technology: “I wanted to broaden my horizon, focus on the business processes as a whole, and start implementing projects for smaller and mid-sized companies, which I prefer, actually.”

To the cloud

With delaware at the forefront of digital innovation, it didn’t take long for the company (and for Joakim) to move up – to the cloud, to be exact. Joakim was one of the first to jump on the cloud bandwagon: “As part of an internal project squad, I was able to convince delaware to add more cloud-based solutions. We now have a dedicated solution for SAP Cloud ERP.” Together with a group of like-minded colleagues, Joakim was able to set up a young and dynamic team. “At the beginning of 2018, there were three of us. Now, we are nineteen!” Joakim proudly adds.

I’m ready to look back at 2018 as a year full of growth – and I look forward to contributing to that growth even more in the future.
Joakim Schepens, senior manager SAP ByDesign

Close-knit team

Especially during a cloud migration project, a consultant needs to earn the client’s trust. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach: every implementation is as unique as the company itself,” Joakim explains. Luckily, all cloud consultants have formed a close-knit team. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s work-related or not - I can talk to anyone about any concern and vice versa. There’s no such thing as hierarchy in our team.”

Joakim continues: “We actually prefer calling ourselves business process consultants rather than IT consultants. We’re all genuinely interested in understanding the business processes from A to Z.” The entire team regularly meets to discuss ongoing projects, or just have a drink together. Having built a satisfied customer base is great, but actually, it has brought Joakim great joy to see his team grow. “It makes me so happy to see how they have become the great consultants they are today. In one way or another, I hope to have contributed to their growth.” 


Joakim will always remember the projects that required travelling abroad: “We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, like any team. When you can share those while being in a hotel somewhere in Europe, you definitely bond.” Joakim is grateful for the opportunities delaware has offered him: “I really appreciate how committed delaware is to the continuous improvement of its employees.”

To conclude, Joakim wanted to give future delaware consultants some advice:

1. Stay true to yourself: Don’t lose yourself trying to be the perfect consultant. (Fact: the perfect consultant doesn’t exist).

2. Take your career into your own hands: Take initiative! Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship is one of our core values.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Your colleagues will always give you an answer.

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