Are you struggling to effectively monitor and reduce water loss?

19 02 2022

It’s time to adopt a data-driven approach to detecting and reducing water leakage!
Hydroportal, a solution developed by Hydroware — a joint venture between HydroScan and delaware — is what you get when a subject matter expert and a systems integrator join forces. Both partners have seamlessly integrated their solutions and are now offering them through a single platform: Hydroportal. Hydroportal is a software solution that facilitates the entire process of water leakage detection and reduction, from start to finish.

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Ventures by delaware allowed Hydroware to free up the time it needed to discover how compatible the two companies are and how well our solutions could complement each other. Once that was sorted, we set about establishing a joint venture, based on mutual trust, and we began developing a solution together. This close partnership allowed us to benefit from the depth of knowledge and experience available at both companies — from delaware’s data and integration skills to the vast knowledge of the water sector that HydroScan brings to the table.Illustration on data-driven approach to detecting and how to reduce water leakage

combining different strengths is what both HydroScan and delaware do best- now we’re using that spirit to create a positive impact on the environment!
Patrick Swartenbroekx - Managing Director, HydroScan Group


What does Dries Storme say about his experience with ventures by delaware?

trust in each other, which was there from the very outset, was the main trigger that set us off on this journey, which has resulted in a very fruitful partnership
Dries Storme - CEO, Hydroware

Ventures by delaware made it possible for Hydroware to clearly focus on what we wanted to bring to the market. All our discussions and workshops were aimed at realizing the strategic goals that we wanted to achieve and not on all the administration that inevitably comes with this kind of process.

Additionally, ventures by delaware challenged us with some tricky questions to help us think outside the box. That’s why we’re currently building the second version of Hydroportal, which will be even more in line with market expectations.

Most importantly, though, ventures by delaware really pushed us to capitalize on a great idea that came out of an experiment.