Are you struggling to effectively monitor and reduce water loss?

Feb 18, 2022

NRWcockpit, a solution developed by Hydroware, is the brainchild of the joint venture between HydroScan (a smart water management expert) and delaware (an implementer of advanced IT solutions). Both partners have seamlessly integrated their solutions and are now offering them through a single platform, NRWcockpit. This software solution facilitates the entire process of water leakage detection and reduction, from start to finish. In what follows, Dries Storme, CEO of Hydroware, will share some insights into the solution and their link with ventures by delaware.

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Hydroware's vision for a better world  

NRWcockpit is a cutting-edge platform designed to proactively detect leaks through advanced data analysis. Currently, both delaware and HydroScan already implemented our solutions into the platform, but our ultimate goal is to create an open environment where industry players can seamlessly integrate their own algorithms onto our platform”, says Dries This approach will enable a greater complementarity of methodologies, resulting in higher chances of detecting leaks while minimizing the occurrence of false positives. 

We have a big dream of making the world a better place, starting with water management.
Dries Storme – CEO, Hydrowar

Dries strongly believes that ecosystems can play a vital role in achieving his dream of making the world a better place. Hydroware is committed to building a collaborative ecosystem of individuals and organizations with a shared passion for solving the water loss challenge. By joining forces and bringing together a community of like-minded individualsHydroware seeks to foster a collaborative effort that will help create lasting solutions and make a significant positive impact on the world. 

How does Dries Storme look back on his experience with ventures by delaware?

“With their support, we were able to develop a great idea that emerged from an experiment and turn it into a successful productNRWcockpitOur partnership was built on a foundation of trust from the outset, which was the driving force behind our journey and ultimately led to its success. Ventures by delaware challenged us with thought-provoking questions that helped us think beyond traditional solutions. Additionally, the importance of delaware's extensive network cannot be overstated, as it allowed us to tap into new sales channels and reach a much broader audience. Overall, our collaboration with Ventures by delaware was a fruitful and rewarding experience.” 


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