Presenting the first dFund ventures: 24Flow, FixForm and dScribe

Jul 02, 2021
  • press release

dFund, delaware’s high-value accelerator, has selected its first three ventures, whose development it will support in the coming years. The winners of dFund’s first selection event, the Dragon’s Den, are 24Flow, FixForm and The Vault. To ensure their sustainable growth, delaware will offer these ventures continuous mentorship, financial support and practical coaching from our experts and other professionals within our broad ecosystem. In doing so, dFund builds successful businesses – and delivers value for delaware’s clients, employees, vendors and investor partners.

24Flow - Operations Management Platform

24Flow offers manufacturing companies a powerful operations management platform. This future proof platform gives you visibility to deliver and service high quality on time and gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes. By connecting all tools and machines, 24Flow creates a single point-of-view that saves you time and maximizes your labor productivity. Lastly, 24Flow offers an end to end solution from order processing, planning and production to fulfillment and shipping. The different apps allow companies to grow organically by either introducing single apps or a complete end-to-end solution.

24Flow has solid ties to its parent company, Scalefactory, and with delaware through dFund. Through this cooperation, the software solution is perfectly positioned for further growth. Stijn Wijndaele, co-founder at 24Flow: “The backing from delaware opens a lot of new doors for a small company like ours. On top of that, we believe that 24Flow can offer many benefits to the process industry as well. delaware’s considerable expertise in this domain will certainly be a boon in this department. And last but not least, we’re excited to have access to delaware’s team of data scientists in further developing AI solutions for 24Flow.”

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FixForm - Keeping your buildings and spaces in good, safe and clean conditions

FixForm allows customers to easily report, manage and fix every problem within a space or a building. The platform allows everyone to easily report maintenance issues using QR codes, without having to download an app or be a registered user. Simply take a picture, describe it and the operational team will take care of it. The solution leverages smart technology to supercharge your operational team with easy-to-access task management, data-driven suggestions and tight collaboration with colleagues.

Thomas Vanhumbeeck, CEO at FixForm, is looking forward to the further collaboration with delaware and dFund: “This partnership gives us the opportunity to strengthen and diversify our offering, while integrating our solution with other professional services projects at delaware. Thanks to the valuable feedback we received during the Dragon’s Den, we are motivated to finetune our go-to-market model and connect our people-focused approach to increased product excellence. In my opinion, the maintenance expertise of FixForm and the IT market maturity of delaware complement each other perfectly to build the best solutions for our shared customers.”

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dScribe - Creating a data democracy

dScribe offers a meta-data solution that aims to make data accessible to everyone within a company. This venture combines a clear framework of actionable KPIs with an overview of all kinds of company meta-data into one platform. Their product ‘The Vault’ allows you to create embedded workflows to streamline governance, centralize reporting and alerts to increase data context, and enhance data quality to improve trust in the numbers.

The idea for The Vault grew out of the Enabling Insights team at delaware into an independent venture. Now, Simon Temmerman, CTO, and Pieter Delaere, CEO, are ready to take this data catalog tool to the next level. “The positive reactions during our pitch at the Dragon’s Den really gave us a boost to expand our solution and further tune its functional benefits and technological innovations to our market. It was a great experience to spar with the delaware experts, optimize our offering and develop our go-to-market together. Thanks to dFund, we can enjoy the support of a lasting partnership, increase the reach of our professional network and tailor our solution better to the specific needs of our joint customers.”

Discuss your challenges on data discovery and governance by contacting Pieter Delaere.

"delaware established the dFund venture builder as an accelerator that enables people both within and outside delaware to transform innovative product ideas into sustainable businesses. We are very happy to see the first 3 ventures start and wish them success in their further growth."

Eric Hiernaux
managing partner delaware International

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