24Flow is a next-gen shopfloor and manufacturing platform

Feb 19, 2022

that aims at making companies that want to introduce an enterprise-wide strategy to excel in speed, flexibility, quality and efficiency. 
How? by focusing to reduce cycle time throughout the value chain via an accessible self-configurable platform that allows to evolve organically.

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through ventures by delaware, we gain access to a significant investment in cash, shared resources and services, as well as personal coaching to accelerate growth
Stijn Wijndaele – 24Flow 

“The backing from delaware opens a lot of new doors for a small company like ours. On top of that, we believe that 24Flow can offer many benefits to the process industry as well. delaware’s considerable expertise in this domain will certainly be a boon in this department. 

And last but not least, we’re excited to have access to delaware’s team of data scientists in further developing AI solutions for 24Flow.”


What does Stijn Wijndaele say about his experience with ventures by delaware?

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