Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: magic at your fingertips

Artificial intelligence (AI) was first coined by American computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956. Today, it is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of topics, from machine learning to robotics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for more than 60 years, so the concept itself is far from revolutionary. However, what has changed is the ability to execute. With the introduction of graphics processing units (GPUs) and cloud computing – which makes rapid processing of vast amounts of data accessible and affordable – all the pieces are now in place to develop AI that really works and creates tangible value.

At delaware, we are firm believers in the power of AI and the enormous opportunities it will bring. However, we are also convinced that the path towards AI will be an evolution, not a revolution. The systems that exist today will evolve gradually, and their ability to support both people and machines will improve step by step.

Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible
Alan Turing

Why AI matters for businesses

AI became a hot topic over the past few years, mainly in the context of futuristic – and often threatening – scenarios. All science fiction aside, artificial intelligence has a lot to offer businesses. Simply put, self-learning machines are able to perform a variety of cognitive tasks, but they can do it faster, better, safer and cheaper. Artificial intelligence will improve quality and efficiency, all while reducing costs and complexity.

Harnessing AI’s potency 

In order to take advantage of AI’s possibilities, it is vital for business leaders to start engaging with it. As Mark Zuckerberg puts it: innovation is not about having a good idea, it’s about moving quickly and trying a lot of things.

That’s why delaware implements AI based on our delaware Agile Machine Learning (dAML) methodology, which makes use of the industry standard for data mining (CRISP-DM), enhanced for machine learning and combined with agile methods such as Scrum. It is very important to us that the AI results are directly applicable to your business processes.

We select the best-fitting type of AI – machine learning, cognitive services and conversational AI – based on your needs and requirements, and strive to improve your business performance.

Leveraging our process knowledge, we’re happy to assist with AI rollouts in the following 5 domains:

  • AI for customer
  • AI for workplace
  • AI for operations
  • AI for talent
  • AI finance
The path towards artificial intelligence will be an evolution, not a revolution.

How delaware can help

  • Thanks to a thorough understanding of industries and corporate processes, delaware can assist you in defining AI strategies with realistic growth opportunities.
  • Innovation is in our DNA, but we do not reinvent the wheel. We build AI solutions based on existing algorithms using the frameworks, tools and platforms of our long-standing partners SAP and Microsoft.
  • delaware has the ability to integrate AI systems with your end-user applications and processes, many types of data sources (e.g. IoT streaming data), ERP and CRM systems and information management systems.
  • Once your AI environment is up and running at full speed, we can take care of every aspect of it, from hosting and operating the platform to monitoring and improving its performance.
  • We make a difference with our pragmatic, project-oriented approach. If preferred, we can deliver our projects as co-innovation partners based on a profit-sharing model.
  • We provide a broad range of services in the AI domain, from strategic and technological insights to transformational services. This allows us to inspire you and guide you through complex business transformations that go beyond AI.