Workspaces is a dashboard on top of Microsoft Teams, integrated as an app in Microsoft Teams, providing a single point of entry to a user’s collaborative workspaces. For organizations that need organizational governance in Microsoft Teams-based collaboration environments.
Increased team efficiency and productivity
Reduced IT operational costs through business self-service
Business enablement
Easy Microsoft Teams roll-out through integrated and automated governance

Workspaces ...

  • allows business users to request/create Teams, supported by a wizard with customer-specific contextual help
  • allows to define type of Teams
  • allows to add contextual parameters to a Team
  • provides a personalized dashboard, with views on active Teams, archived Teams, all Teams, with free text search and filtering capabilities based on contextual parameters
  • allows to archive and re-activate Teams, and restore deleted Teams from the recycle bin
  • supports naming convention per type of Team
  • detects similar Teams based on the contextual parameters
  • supports Teams lifecycle management via configurable auto-archiving/deletion rules, with notifications via a virtual assistant
  • auto-checks if at least one owner is still active and notifies the owners to take action via a virtual assistant
  • allows to define Team-templates (channels, tabs, background SharePoint Online lists, document libraries, specific security settings, ...) per type of Team and owning organizational entity
  • supports matrix-based creation and external sharing approval processes
  • allows security groups to be added as owner/member and provides automated management
  • supports periodic member access review management
  • manages automated guest clean up if not logged in for a specific period
  • provides user management actions supporting new employee, change of department, etc. scenario’s
  • is multilingual
John Cockerill

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