BMT Group streamlines its HR with a universal personnel database

Apr 08, 2021
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BMT Group, a globally renowned gear manufacturer, consists of 5 divisions, spread over the entire world and working with a great deal of autonomy. In order to make the HR processes of the entire group more uniform and streamlined, BMT reached out to delaware to develop a new way of working using SAP’s SuccessFactors.

Previously, every HR division of BMT worked with separate spreadsheets and software tools, leading to a more complex handling of personnel data. By introducing the I4HR project – supported by SAP SuccessFactors – delaware provided BMT with one universal HR database for the entire group. This state-of-the-art tool will provide them with the right and accurate data allowing better decision-making.

this platform is a real game changer for our global HR community thanks to the accurate and uniform HR data, streamlined processes and future-fit services
Ilse Van der Henst, HR Manager BMT Group

Globally shared HR data and practices from the cloud

BMT chose SuccessFactors for this project because it is a cloud-based system, meaning that their data is safely stored at all times. Furthermore, the different modules such as Employee Central, Recruiting Management & Marketing, Compensation & Benefit Management offer them a full overview of all the necessary data to keep their HR department running smoothly.

There are plenty of advantages to this universal database. First of all, BMT is now better prepared for the future by avoiding the use of separate spreadsheets and paperwork. Secondly, it further increases transparency in their entire business; Hiring procedures are much more straightforward, the compensation and benefits process is automated and efficient, and there is a clear reporting structure in place. And finally, SuccessFactors is linked to the individual career pages of all BMT divisions, giving applicants the chance to familiarize themselves with the shared way of working, while safeguarding the unique brand recognition of each division.

Smooth change and implementation process

Since August 2019, delaware and BMT have been hard at work to prepare and implement the SAP SuccessFactors solution for the go-live in November 2020. To facilitate this change process, the delaware Change & Communication team offered a tailor-made communication and training track for all the BMT stakeholders involved. By co-creating the name, logo and core messaging of the I4HR project with the different BMT divisions and communicating it clearly to all employees, the overall acceptance of this major change was ensured.

Now, the SAP SuccessFactors solution counts more than 5,000 BMT users globally, as we prepare to add the applications for compensation and the yearly bonus in the near future. The great dynamic created by efficient teamwork has been the main driving factor for I4HR. After all, several BMT colleagues were closely consulted throughout the entire process and they will in turn teach their colleagues how to use the new system.

Looking for a universal HR solution for your organization? Contact Juan Staes for more information.

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