Hybrid work

Hybrid work

A new way of working

We have been talking about the future of work for over ten years and it was an unexpected pandemic that has accelerated the concretization of it. Hybrid work has become the new normal. Now it’s up to all of us to define a hybrid work strategy to tackle its challenges, from communication, collaboration and coordination to connection and employee engagement, people and work management, ...

Discover our one-to-one workshops to take the next step in your company's hybrid work strategy.

Workshop: Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Discover how Microsoft Viva helps organizations deliver personalized experiences to their employees with news, tasks, and conversations; provide data-driven insights and recommendations; organize content and expertise; and deliver formal and informal learning when and where it's needed. The workshop will cover four pillars:

  • Culture and communications: Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Productivity and wellbeing: Microsoft Viva Insights
  • Knowledge and expertise: Microsoft Viva Topics
  • Skilling and growth: Microsoft Viva Learnings

Workshop: Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Discover Microsoft Viva Insights, which helps individuals, managers, and leaders gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organization thrive. The workshop consists of an in-depth exploration of personal, manager, and leader insights to:

  • Understand the impact of work patterns on productivity and wellbeing
  • Provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations
  • Address complex challenges with advanced tools and capabilities

Workshop: Enable frontline

With the Enable Frontline Workshop, companies will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their frontline workforce with:

  • An assessment of frontline pain points
  • Tools to help build detailed personas with real world needs

Workshop: Teams Apps and Solutions

With the Teams Apps and Solutions Workshop, you will learn how to maximize the value of Microsoft Teams by integrating apps and workflows tailored to your business needs. Discover custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and integration of line-of-business and Teams apps. We will show you how to leverage the rich set of Teams platform capabilities and help you rethink productivity, drive business outcomes, and maximize the value of Microsoft Teams.

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How to build a future-proof employee experience roadmap

All the experiences your employees have with your company, make up the employee experience. From the actual hiring over the first day on the job, throughout the career path all the way up to becoming an alumni.

By placing your employees’ experiences centre stage,  you can build an agile and future-proof anywhere-plus-office hybrid workplace model that works for everyone.

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The journey towards a secure, well-designed digital workplace requires a blended business/technological approach. Our comprehensive guide explores the building blocks of the digital workplace and offers interdisciplinary insights and tips to smoothen your path.

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