[VIDEO] Digital transformation at EVS, in partnership with delaware

Feb 02, 2023
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In order to keep track with its strategic challenges and growth, EVS is keen to optimize its operational processes. Valérie Hospied, head of Corporate Digital Transformation, shares her experiences working on this complex project.

The Belgian enterprise EVS has become a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of solutions for live video recording, audiovisual production, and digital processing for audiovisual-service providers and large organizations. Founded in Liège in 1994, the company now has over 20 offices around the world, and more than 600 employees. 

Watch the video below to learn how EVS collaborated with delaware. 

A vision of the future

Over the past two years, the digital transformation at EVS has accelerated. Following the acquisition of Axon, as the specialist in broadcasting and media network infrastructures, a business process alignment and optimization project was initiated to enhance the teamwork. 

In 2022, EVS launched the VIA Portal, a platform allowing its customers independent access to certain services and information. In parallel, the teams are working to implement the following applications, each of which will be modules in their own right on the VIA Portal: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Support, replacing the old support request management system, and the first module to be made available to customers on the VIA Portal. 
  • The Totara e-learning solution, which will allow operators to follow training courses on EVS solutions. 
  • Zoomin, which will allow customers to access documentation relating to EVS solutions. 

And this is only the beginning — further modules will be developed in the coming months and years. 

EVS has also opted to transition from its ERP (Ax2009) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain. 

“The biggest challenge was implementing the new ERP. This program was launched three years ago. We were facing major challenges, and searching for a new, experienced partner to kickstart and implement this important project. From day one, our exchanges with elaware convinced us of their expertise and desire to make this project a success,” says Hospied. 

That’s why EVS teamed up with delaware in June 2021. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365: unite people, data and processes

A reliable partnership to meet our challenges

“The objective is to use the new ERP to optimize operational processes, and benefit from a solution that can evolve with the strategic challenges and growth at EVS. Also, we want solutions that meet the needs of our teams,” continues Hospied.

“Throughout the project, with help from delaware, we had to challenge our ways of working, improve our processes, but also refuse some customization requests and find the right approach,” says Hospied. “Together, we came up with solutions that facilitate cross-team collaboration, maintain agility, and automate tasks with low added value, in order to free up staff, allowing them to focus on work that is important and motivating.

“We were looking for a trusted partner who has local roots and international recognition. One with the expertise and ability to help us grow,” explains Hospied. delaware ticked all the boxes, and had the experience as well as the desire to succeed by trying to understand our issues and challenges.” 

Olivier Spahn, a partner at delaware belux, concurs: “Our experts work closely with our clients’ teams to get right to the heart of the problem.” The success of the EVS/delaware partnership illustrates the efficacy of this approach. 

“The delaware teams know what they are doing,” adds Hospied. “Their expertise in terms of methodology, project management, stakeholder management — as well as their technical know-how — has been vital throughout the project. They have an excellent knowledge of the solutions.” 

delaware has risen to the challenge by offering an external perspective, remaining attentive and flexible, even when facing difficult and sensitive subjects, and by advocating dialogue and good communication.

A few weeks from go-live    

“This is probably the most difficult phase in the project; the teams are tired and the workload is heavy. In production, the business is depending on the new ERP, and problems must be resolved quickly. This is when we felt the benefit of our good relationship with the delaware teams the most. The results show that we did a good job of prioritizing needs and getting as close as possible to standard processes and features. It was the right approach, and delaware’s professional and flexible methods helped us a lot with this process,” adds Hospied. 

“We want the Olympic gold medal”

EVS’s ambitions are clear. The solutions implemented as part of the digital transformation must support growth, while also facilitating team collaboration and agility. The company often uses sports metaphors when describing its goals, and Hospied keeps up the tradition: “We want an Olympic gold medal!” she says. 

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