Connected spend management

Connected spend management

Recent supply chain disruptions have changed the way organizations source the goods and services they need to operate. But setting up a resilient procurement organization and seizing opportunities is about more than implementing best practices and technologies. A future-proof spending and sourcing strategy requires a holistic vision that combines people, processes and technologies. Here’s how delaware can help.

Spend management: taking control over expenses

By optimizing spending and reducing cost, your organization can improve its bottom line and achieve greater financial stability. Typical spend management activities include: budgeting, strategic sourcing, purchase order management, invoice management, expense management, analytics and reporting. 

Most of these require collaboration across departments, as well as solid processes and technologies, e.g., data analytics. Moreover, many of these recurring tasks require a lot of manual work and are thus perfect targets for automation.  

A tough buy: 6 procurement and spend management challenges

  • Optimizing value and increasing savings: Just like operations, procurement is the art of doing more with less. In this case via best-in-class strategic sourcing. 
  • Increasing transparencyWhat gets measured gets managed. Smart spending and procurement require maximum visibility, driven by impeccable data and analytics. 
  • Managing suppliers: Optimize the onboarding process, mitigate supply chain risks and manage supplier relationships and performance. 
  • Ensuring compliance: Buy from preferred suppliers at negotiated conditions thanks to process compliance and policy adoption. 
  • Staying organized: Implement lean processes, increase automation, and optimize supplier collaboration.
  • Lowering the carbon footprint: Take steps to achieving your ESG goals by partnering up with the right suppliers. 

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Back to the source: optimizing procurement

Depending on your sector, procurement can mean something entirely different. But one thing remains unchanged across the board: a solid sourcing strategy requires a holistic vision that connects people, processes, and technologies.

People & processes

  • Process (re)design
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Category expertise
  • Prioritization
  • Change management
  • Transformation and adoption support
  • End-user training


  • Spend visibility
  • Analytics
  • Sourcing platform
  • Supplier portal and network
  • Contract management
  • P2P platform
  • Integrated ERP system

Closed-loop spend management

Closed-loop spend management can help companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase compliance, and enhance supplier relationships. By leveraging the power of data analytics and real-time tracking and monitoring, organizations can take control of spending across the entire procurement lifecycle.

Our approach: from assessment to optimization

Competencies scan

Assessment of your procurement organization’s maturity across 8 dimensions, from supply management strategy to HR, and identification of development priorities. 

Structure and organization

Identification of the procurement organization and determining right degree of centralization.

Setting up category plans and sourcing strategies

Co-creation of short and medium category plans and sourcing strategies, including a wide range of differentiating ways to work with suppliers. 

Strategic sourcing

Introduction and application of best-in-class 7-step strategic sourcing process for optimizing procurement.

eSourcing adoption & program

Leverage eSourcing platform and launch of a waved sourcing program 

Spend visibility & analytics

Building a ‘spend cube’ to gain spending visibility and insights and perform opportunity assessments.

Procurement financial performance

Assessment of the Return on Procurement Assets (financial results and costs) of a Procurement organization, highlighting the priorities for increasing Procurement’s ROI.

Laurent Pirard

Spend Management Senior Advisor

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