Digital transformation

Digital transformation

To stay ahead of competition, businesses need to continuously adapt to new technologies and optimize their digital capabilities. But a succesful digital transformation needs to be more than a disconnected jumble of initiatives. Our holistic approach combines people, processes and technology into a single vision with one main objective: generating lasting business value.

It's not just about tech

For a long time, questions about digital transformation focused uniquely on technology. Not anymore. Today, the main roadblocks in any transformation journey have to do with people and processes. Who should be involved in the project? How will it be managed on a day-to-day basis? What will the impact be on people? 

Instead of solving each problem separately, digital transformation needs to be tackled as a business problem. Following our connected transformation framework, we’ll set up a game plan for the next 3 to 5 years by revealing your pain points and corresponding opportunities, and transforming them into concrete initiatives. 

Digital transformation is a business discipline or company philosophy, not a project.
Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio

Four unique perspectives on digital transformation

No two digital transformation journeys are the same. Each individual story is a unique mixture of business strategy, company culture, and sector dynamics. Each has its unique challenges and opportunities. Here are four examples worth your while.

  • Global packaging leader AR Metallizing sets course for sustainable growth by unlocking the power of internal and external data and optimizing ERP projects and other business processes. 
  • World-renowned dredging company Deme uses its digital platform to collect and leverage all the data from over a 100 state-of-the-art vessels and to create a welcoming digital workplace for employees. 
  • Fast-growing food manufacturer Agristo is on a mission to conquer the world with potato products. Its secret? A formidable drive for innovation and strategic digitalization.
  • Audiovisual powerhouse EVS fully embraces the digital future with the VIA Portal for customers, brand-new customer support and e-learning solutions, an ERP-switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. 

The secret sauce: your delaware team

From top-level commitment and a cross-functional mindset to personal incentives and clear and measurable goals: the success of your transformation journey depends on multiple factors. Increase your chances of success by partnering up with delaware.

 Our goal? Guiding your company end-to-end through complex digital transformations, by combining deep expertise in both business and IT in a single, dedicated project team. The exact role we take up depends entirely on your needs and preferences. 

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