Food wholesale

Food wholesale

How new technologies can tackle new challenges

How does the growing population and its impact on our food supply affect the food wholesale business?

Where food manufacturing companies are mainly concerned with issues like quality and traceability, wholesalers need to focus increasingly on accurate stock management and forecasting. Luckily, new technologies can help.

by 2025, the organic food market is expected to be worth $320.5 billion

Supply chain integration

Food wholesale companies need to be able to follow their product all the way from source to consumer – and ideally, ensure that the distance between those two is kept as short as possible. After all, the better your capability to monitor your supply chain, the better you can guarantee quality and the better supply and demand can be aligned. In addition, it will help you be more cost efficient while also increasing trust between partners.

Efficient stock management

To keep inventories as small as possible, food companies need to perfectly align supply and demand. To achieve this, they need to have real-time insights into stock levels. Products with short expiration dates need to be shipped first, in line with client demands. Efficient order picking is an additional challenge. Here, clear insights into stock levels and picking location is paramount for fast and timely handling of fresh goods.

Demand prediction

Food wholesalers that manage to accurately predict demand are able to proactively collect the products, people and materials they need to meet that demand. This leads to numerous advantages, including the reduction of food waste, increased customer trust, and the elimination of no-sell.

the key to meeting the growing demands of regulators and consumers while remaining profitable as a meat or fish company? Investing in digital platforms and tools that increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and support your growth ambitions

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