Service Delivery Manager

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As a Service Delivery Manager for Microsoft AX and D365 at delaware, you are responsible for a variety of managed services contracts in the Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce ecosystems.

Your main objective is to ensure a satisfied customer, to safeguard the contractual agreements and to guarantee our services are delivered within quality, time & budget. 

As an empathic manager, you love to build bridges: not only between different teams and team members, but also between delaware, customer and third parties. 

You are responsible for identifying and creating new opportunities for your customers, as well as implementing all kinds of initiatives to help them improve and grow. 

Your customers see you as a trusted advisor. And you play an important role in their success with Microsoft AX and D365. 

Following tasks are part of your day-to-day activities:
•    Follow-up on on-going tickets (incidents and new small requests)
•    Take the lead in periodic service delivery calls
•    Manage the priorities defined at this meeting
•    Give feedback to the service delivery team
•    Coordinate work between different teams to ensure the best possible service to our customers
•    You are the primary escalation contact for the customer and responsible for the coordination of that escalation
•    Ensure timely billing and manage billing discussions
•    Organise an annual meeting to keep abreast of developments in the customer's business

Who are we?

We work where we work best, when we work best. delaware has its offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Liège, Lummen, and Wavre. But it’s important to note we also spend a lot of time with our customers on-site if this can have added value. 

Our managed services organization provides global services to over 350 customers, with a global team of 300+ service professionals worldwide. 

We deliver Application (AMS) and Technical Managed Services (IMS) for SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce for international and local clients. Our customer portfolio keeps on growing and so does our team.

Our main mission is to provide managed services, but we are also involved in all the distinct phases of the service life cycle: from assess & identify to adopt & manage, where customers can rely to have the best possible solution that keeps on evolving according to their changing needs.

We value our employees and our customers highly. We always work in a positive team spirit. delaware is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that empowers all our people. A diverse workforce is the best guarantee of success for our employees.

Are you excited about being part of our journey and interested in building and redefining our customers’ entire IT landscapes? 

Are you ambitious and passionate about:
•    Being the single point of contact with customers
•    Putting customer satisfaction first
•    Being available to listen to customers
•    Maintaining a relationship of partnership and trust with the customer
•    Be attentive to the needs expressed by the customer and try to meet them in the most professional way possible
•    Defending delaware's values 
•    Defending the work carried out by the support team
•    Recognising our mistakes
•    Constantly improving our efficiency in assisting customers
•    Being proactive: you ready to make suggestions to improve the customer's processes
•    Relying on internal managers to find the best skills to meet the customer's needs

more info about this job?

Contact Evelyne on LinkedIn

Evelyne Mostinckx

Is there a match?

•    You are located in Belgium and are in possession of driver’s license
•    You excel as a communicator, possessing fluency in both English and either Dutch or French
•    You have at least 5 years' experience as a Service Delivery Manager (or a similar role) with a background in Microsoft, SAP and/or Salesforce.
•    You are proactive and like to ensure progress in the services provided
•    You can think along with customers and propose new solutions that can be integrated into their environment.
•    You have outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills. You are able to manage both customers and colleagues perfectly.
•    You have the necessary project management skills to plan, organize, and coordinate resources, timelines, and deliverables.
•    You have knowledge of budgeting, cost management, and financial planning to ensure the financial management of your contracts.
•    You work at delaware’s offices in Belgium or at customer locations, with a remote work option available
•    You feel that our values represent what you stand for
. . . then you are the Service Delivery Manager we are looking for!

Let's meet up!

Experience and proven expertise are much more important to us than your degree. So let’s meet up! and we’ll connect to talk more about the job, your talents, track record and your future with the #peopleofdelaware! 

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* delaware is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that empowers all our people. A diverse workforce is the best guarantee of success for our employees, our customers, and our partners.


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