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Are you looking for a (first) professional challenge within IT? Do technologies like X++ (a .NET-like programming language specific for Dynamics 365), Azure DevOps, Flow, Power BI, Logic Apps … sound like music in your ears? Have you considered a job in consultancy? In that case, you’re at the right address!

As a SAP development consultant at delaware, you’ll be involved in the entire consulting cycle from A to Z;  from analysis to development and support. Your main focus will obviously be on the technical part, but you’ll do more than just that. You’ll work in close collaboration with the customer to understand their business needs and lead them towards new technological heights.

A day in the life of a Junior Developer

What could you actually end up doing at delaware as a junior developer? We thought it best to let one of our developers who stood in your shoes, tell you his story on why he chose to kick off his career at delaware:

Meet Arne

 Rewind to last year, when Arne Vlietinck started his delaware adventure as a junior technical consultant. Arne works as a full-stack developer in the Omni-Channel Experience team, one of the many development teams we have at delaware. In this team, he gets the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of known solutions within our team. Arne has been quite the busy bee: he already worked on 2 different implementation projects, with each project spanning 3-6 months.  

A typical day

Ready, set, go: the first thing Arne does when he arrives at work is open Outlook. Next, he checks DevOps where he can find the sprint planning with assigned tasks for everyone within a project. He attends the daily stand-up meeting with the team, where various kinds of questions are discussed (‘What did I do yesterday?’, ‘What’s the plan for today?’, ‘Are there any issues or problems?’, ...).Then he starts implementing his tasks. After the implementation and testing, it’s time to update the backlog and change the task to the correct status (solved, completed, in progress, ...). Since we are working for the customer, we also have a weekly update with them and after every sprint (usually every 3 weeks) there is a sprint demo.

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    Did Arne’s story appeal to you?

    Here are a few of the solutions you can be involved in as a junior developer, but feel free to take a tour around our website to find even more:

    You can find out more about us on our website and blogs. This way, you can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life! Come see us in Ghent, Antwerp, Wavre, Kortrijk, Lummen or Liège.


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