WeCare about the next generation(s) at delaware

Oct 01, 2023

Caring is one of delaware’s corner stones. Being a socially responsible company means that we, the #peopleofdelaware, try to leave the world a little better than we found it. delaware sponsors 'De Warmste Match' (first-class basketball), a legendary first home game of the Spurs (Kortrijk) against Okapi (Aalst) for the good cause Xplo vzw to provide children, young people, and their families with the extra opportunities they need in their daily lives.

the game was on

This past Friday, history was made as the Spurs took to the court for their very first home game in Kortrijk after a two-decade hiatus in first-class basketball. Kortrijk Spurs closed the first match at the highest level in front of a large crowd - around 1,400 spectators - with a 93-89 win after a real thriller.

What made this game even more special was the chance to sponsor it together with our customer House of Talents, which we dubbed 'De Warmste Match'. Beyond the thrilling basketball action, this event carried a noble cause close to its heart. Attendees could look forward to engaging in a 'tombola for life', indulging in 'candy for life', and savoring 'delaware beer for life'.

What truly set this event apart was its commitment to giving back. All proceeds from this memorable match was dedicated to the XPLO non-profit organization, a lifeline for children, young adults, and families navigating the complexities of parenting and coexistence. 

Care, team spirit, and entrepreneurship are very important values for delaware. Within delaware, there is the WeCare working group with the aim of supporting social and environmental initiatives of the #peopleofdelaware. 
Thierry Bruyneel (partner at delaware)

the aftermovie

'De Warmste Week' this year focuses on 'growing up without worries'. We focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as high-quality training. HOT Spurs offer their G-sporters a chance for a great sports experience, and XPLO is a youth support organization from the Kortrijk region that supports vulnerable young people and families facing difficulties. Hence, this match is an excellent opportunity to provide everyone with a pleasant evening!

As a basketball fan of HotSpurs, I appreciate how this basketball family promotes the 'one-team' feeling. Thanks to delaware, our young people, their context, and our employees can experience that fantastic feeling.
Wouter Leplae (general director XPLO) 

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