Planting trees, growing careers @ delaware

Dec 14, 2021

What are the ingredients for a fun onboarding activity? A nice vibe: check! Drinks: check! Good food: check! 4025 trees: check! Yep, you read that right. As an onboarding activity for everyone who started at delaware in 2021, our CSR team recently organized a full afternoon planting 1,5 hectares of forest together with Natuurpunt. And as the trees will grow, so too will the careers of our starters.

As we all know, the last year has been hard on everyone. Being disconnected from one another for such extended periods of time was difficult for all of us, especially for the people who started at delaware in the midst of the pandemic. As a way of offering them a fun onboarding activity, our CSR team launched the idea of letting 2021’s starters help out with the creation of our very own delaware forest!

Despite the wind and nippy temperatures, everyone was keen to get in on the warm spirit and having fueled up on a warm cup of soup or coffee, we got cracking. As the enthusiasm was high among all those present, we were finished way ahead of schedule. In other words, we more than lived up to our motto: we commit. we deliver. This time much faster than expected. 

A great idea

Founding partner of delaware and a dedicated member of the CSR team Jan Delaere said: “It really is incredible. delaware celebrates its 18th birthday this year and we have just planted our first forest. I hope this is the start of a great tradition to keep planting trees ourselves, having already sponsored reforestation projects in Brazil and Zambia.”

As for our starters? Well, despite the weather they were very enthusiastic about their onboarding activity and their first months and weeks at delaware. One newcomer said: “I really like how supportive my colleagues are and how they are always eager to help me when I have questions, in the true spirit of living the delaware values”, while others also enjoyed some of our other activities. Finally, one new colleague heeded the advice of our managing partner, Patrick Andersen: “The coffee machine really is the most important machine in the office. It’s a great way to get to know new colleagues and find out what they are working on.” 

A long time coming

Planting a delaware forest was an idea that our CSR team had already entertained for quite some time. In support of the UN SDG’s (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), we have previously sponsored projects in Africa and South America involving the planting of over 79,000 trees. With this forest however, we had the opportunity to bring our contribution to a more sustainable world even closer to home. And the best thing of all? At any point during and after their careers, our #peopleofdelaware can come visit the forest and watch it grow together with them. What’s more, they can pass along the message to generations to come as the forest, just like delaware itself, is destined to be around for many more years!

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