We Care, Do You?

Jun 08, 2020

Every year, delaware is present at many job fairs to attract new talents to join the #peopleofdelaware. At these events, hundreds or even thousands of euros are spent on gadgets that could be spent on projects that truly make a difference. “Unfortunately, these gadgets are not always very sustainable at all and do not always achieve the desired business results”, explains Kaylee Surgeloose (Junior Recruiter). “This year, we decided to do better and try a totally different approach. So, we found an original and thoughtful way to replace these gadgets, make a difference and this way, stay true to our core values”.

Care as a main differentiator on student job fairs

delaware is one of many IT consultancy companies in Belgium, but we believe that our culture and our values set us apart from our competitors. One of those values is ‘care’. “Our goal is to make a difference for our customers, our employees and the environment by having a meaningful impact as a company. At delaware, we set up partnerships with charities close to our hearts and encourage our #peopleofdelaware to actively participate and contribute to these initiatives as well”, says Kaylee. “Every year, for example, 100 employees help out during the Special Olympics and four of our employees do charity work in Thailand. These and other care initiatives create a great delaware spirit. As a recruitment team, we believe it’s important to radiate that unique company feeling among our future colleagues”.

Small actions add up to bigger things

Gadgets and giveaways often end up in the trash or in a corner of a student room. That was something our recruitment team wanted to avoid. “So, we decided to change course and do something more memorable with the money we used to spend on gadgets”, says Kaylee. “For every student visiting our booth, delaware donates three euro to one of the social or environmental charity initiatives we team up with”. With a simple QR-code scan, students can leave their contact details and choose which initiative they want to support.

Our main initiatives to choose from this year

Students visiting the delaware booth could choose between three initiatives we believe in and actively support: WeForest, the Special Olympics and Plan Belgium International. Together with WeForest, delaware makes our planet cooler by preserving and planting trees. Through different activities, from donating money for every click on our website, to buying trees for all kilometres that #peopleofdelaware run, walk or cycle, we have already funded 70,685 trees over the past years, both in Brasil and Zambia. The students’ donations will be used to further restore forest grounds by planting trees and to support research to preserve and restore forest grounds and reduce carbon emission.

The second main initiative is the Special Olympics. As a bronze sponsor, delaware boosts the care, respect, commitment and team spirit of all its volunteers to tackle the inactivity, stigma, isolation and injustice that people with intellectual disabilities face. During the yearly National Games, the Special Olympics team can even count on 100 #peopleofdelaware volunteers. Every three euro gathered during the job fairs will be used to further create awareness about inclusive sport practices and organize the many events of the Special Olympics. Finally, a good education for boys and girls is key for a sustainable future. When only ten students donate three euro at the job fair to Plan International Belgium, as much as four children will get the opportunity to go to school for a whole year. Isn’t that great?

We Care, Do You?

We’re better together

At the last job fair, the recruitment team managed to donate almost 800 euro in total, a result Kaylee is very grateful for. “Thanks to all students for their enthusiasm! Together we were able to make the difference!”

So, do you care too? We’re looking forward to see you at one of our next (virtual) job fair events! Are you a student, do you relate to our values and do you want to start working at delaware? 

Check out our junior consultant page and find out all the answers to your questions. Or have a look at the compilation movie of our previous virtual job fair here.

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