24Flow is a next-gen shopfloor and manufacturing platform

Feb 18, 2022

Designed with lean and QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) principles in mind, 24Flow is a modular, human-centric operations platform. Its goal is to empower discrete manufacturers to reduce lead time through digital support of both operators and management. We sat down with Stijn Wijndaele, co-founder of 24Flow, to get an inside scoop on what 24Flow has to offer and what it is like to be part of ventures by delaware.

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24Flow's Team Cockpit and simplified production planning

24Flow’s primary aim is to strengthen the independence of front-line workers and boost productivity through its innovative Team Cockpit. Stijn sees the many advantages this solution brings: “By providing digital team boards with customizable real-time metrics for production, operators gain easy-to-understand insights that enable better decision-making on the shop floor. In addition, we simplify production planning in discrete manufacturing by scheduling and planning orders, operations, teams, machines, and materials. This reduces the work-in-process, shortens lead times, and improves delivery reliability, resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process from start to finish.” 

Bridging the gap between managers and the factory floor 

By supporting operators throughout the entire order process and logging each touchpoint, management gains real-time visibility into the work in progress, operator effectiveness and benefits from full production traceability without hours of information gathering. To fulfill both these requirements, 24Flow offers an end-to-end solution from order processing, planning, and production to fulfillment and shipping. The modularity of the platform allows companies to either introduce 24Flow app-by-app or to jumpstart with a complete, holistic solution.  

Did you know that, on average, manufacturing processes are composed of 95% waiting time and only 5% touch time? Reducing this lead time lowers overhead costs and improves quality.
Stijn Wijndaele – 24Flow 

Opening doors

As of March 2021, 24Flow is a fully independent company with solid ties to delaware through ventures by delaware. Stijn concludes that in this way, the software solution is perfectly positioned for further growth. “The backing from delaware opened a lot of new doors. As a trusted partner for many companies in the region, delaware's network enables us to reach a broader audience and expand our customer base. But most importantly, it is the shared go-to-market that creates the most value for the partnership.  


In addition to the benefits for 24Flow, I believe that delaware can also benefit from our shopfloor and scheduling capabilities. Overall, the partnership between 24Flow and ventures by delaware holds significant promise for both parties as we continue working towards shared success in the industry.” 

In Short

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Technology: Shop Floor & Manufacturing Platform - Salesforce
  • Website: 24Flow 
  • Contact: Stijn Wijndaele

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