Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Your conversational AI assistant for CRM

Salesforce Einstein Copilot redefines your business operations by embedding advanced AI capabilities natively within your Salesforce applications. It is designed to provide a seamless and consistent user experience across various platforms by answering questions, generating content, and dynamically automating actions to deliver better productivity, improved customer relationships, and higher margins. And thanks to its foundation in your company’s unique data and metadata and the Einstein Trust Layer, Einstein Copilot is equipped to understand your business and customer dynamics thoroughly.

Einstein Copilot has the ability to truly understand what is going on with your customer relationships.
Lawrence De Rycke, Salesforce Sales Consultant

Capabilities that transform business processes

Einstein Copilot revolutionizes how teams and industries use AI to enhance productivity and personalization, within their flow of work.

Personalized interaction

Utilize natural language prompts to accelerate transactions, customize communications, and provide more personalized client engagement.

Streamlined service

From speeding up case resolutions in customer services to simplifying client onboarding or crafting personalized financial plans, Einstein Copilot integrates and automates complex processes by automatically surfacing relevant answers, offers, and data from disparate systems.

Enhanced efficiency

Automate routine and time-consuming business processes with Einstein Copilot, allowing your team to focus on building client relationships and providing strategic advice.

Trust and compliance

Adapt Einstein Copilot to meet specific business requirements through the Prompt Builder and a library of ready-to-use actions. 

Comprehensive integration across Salesforce Platforms

Users can access Einstein Copilot by upgrading to the Einstein 1 Edition of Salesforce, containing:

  • CRM
  • Einstein Copilot
  • Data Cloud
  • Slack
  • Tableau

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Lawrence De Rycke

Salesforce Sales Consultant
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