Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein

Customer experience, driven by AI

Salesforce Einstein is a comprehensive AI platform that integrates right into the core of your Salesforce CRM. Equip your sales, service, marketing, and IT departments with numerous AI capabilities, right out of the box – from recommendation engines and predictive analytics to voice recognition and natural language processing.

Today, AI is no longer merely an option, but an absolute must for businesses that take customer experience seriously. By adding an extra layer of intelligence to your CRM, you can collect relevant data, gain actionable insights, and create the streamlined and effortless experience your customers deserve. 

Einstein is making over 93 billion predictions a day across Salesforce’s entire range

Einstein’s key AI technologies

Applying AI technologies to your customer interaction processes helps improve service planning and organization, allows marketing to achieve better segmentation and personalization, and provides your salespeople with unprecedented insights. That’s why Salesforce embeds AI-capabilities in the Salesforce Cloud modules for end users and also created a developer platform for the AI techies among us.


Salesforce users become more productive with AI

  • Einstein Copilot
  • Einstein for Commerce
  • Einstein for Marketing
  • Einstein for Service
  • Einstein for Sales
  • Einstein Search

Admins & devs can build AI-powered apps

  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Next Best Action

Unlock Einstein’s power with delaware 

Salesforce Einstein brings AI to the CRM environment in groundbreaking ways. Based on decades of experience and in-depth AI knowledge, we will help you make the most of this opportunity to significantly improve your customer engagements.

Together with our end-to-end orchestration partner Scalefactory, we’ll define most pressing needs, along with mid- and long-term sales, marketing and service goals. Ultimately, we’ll explore how Salesforce Einstein can help you boost customer engagements by leveraging the power of AI. 

Get more out of Salesforce by leveraging the power of the integrated Einstein platform. Let’s explore together how AI can help you improve your customer engagements.

Lawrence De Rycke

Salesforce Sales Consultant

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