Quantum Optimization

Quantum Optimization

Why quantum optimization matters (to you)

Quantum optimization enables you and your business to solve complex combinatorial problems accurately and in near real-time. Put simply, it is best suited for optimization challenges with multiple variables and constraints, that have been deemed too complicated for classical computers.

The full range of possibilities is still being explored today – in our DEL20 ecosystem, for example. However, we do know that quantum optimization can prove beneficial for every part of the manufacturing value chain: scheduling, plant maintenance, staffing, route optimization, pricing, material procurement, robotics, and more.

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A (qu)bit of background

While traditional computers use bits, quantum computers use qubits (quantum bits). Those can transcend a bit’s binary value (0 or 1) and assume a state of superposition, which represents all its possible configurations, all at once. When qubits become entangled, changes to one qubit immediately affect the others. That makes it possible to solve challenges that require extraordinary computing power.

In today’s commercially available technology, quantum optimization is based on a qubit system’s natural behavior to evolve into a state of minimal energy. That means that the outcome of a calculation will yield one single answer: the optimal solution (global minimum) in a large set of possible solutions.

Quantum computing at work: case studies

  • Utilities: together with De Watergroep, KWR and Hydroko, we are building a quantum-embedded method to determine the optimal spots for sensors in a water distribution network. That approach reduces the overall calculation time to a mere couple of days. 
  • Truck/container loading: in collaboration with Unilin and Optioryx, we are developing a quantum solution to find the best configuration of differently sized pallets in containers and trucks. This solution is expected to outperform traditional algorithms on both quality and speed. 
  • Logistics: in times of global supply chain challenges, the Port of Los Angeles uses AI and quantum optimization to maximize its capacity and efficiency. Cargo-handling equipment productivity has now doubled, and cargo flows have become more predictable.

  • Production/maintenance/workforce planning: quantum optimization can streamline complex team structures and work schedules in maintenance teams with thousands of employees and diverse skill sets (manufacturing plants, hospitals, airports, etc.). Due to the many constraints involved, traditional computing methods would simply be insufficient.
  • Financial sector: quantum-embedded algorithms can reorder payments and payees at large financial institutions, in order to save substantial liquidity for settlements. That results in strongly reduced computation times regarding reserve calculations, conversion definitions, etc.
  • Transportation: arrange the ideal route for last mile delivery, automated guided vehicles, waste collection, multi-mode stock supply, etc.

Start your quantum story with delaware

Our experts can help you explore all the possibilities and opportunities that quantum optimization has in store for your organization. With more than 15 years’ experience in multiple sectors and over 60 specialized consultants, we can translate your business challenges into tailor-made quantum solutions.

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