FTI powered by delaware

FTI powered by delaware

We tackle your business challenges of today with technologies of tomorrow.

Participate in the Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) cycle, powered by delaware

Are you eager to bring your groundbreaking innovation project to life and make it a reality? delaware offers you the opportunity to turn your visionary project into a tangible achievement. Collaborate with students, fellow companies, and our team of delaware experts to see your project thrive. 

To get started, delaware invites you to participate for free in three exclusive hackathons during Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) in Ghent, Antwerp, and Hasselt. Talented students from various universities collaborate to create innovative solutions for your company.

Why participating is a smart move: 

  • Increase the visibility of your company by participating in a project of the Flemish Government. 
  • Connect with colleagues, companies from different sectors, experts, and students with innovative ideas. 
  • Experiment without budget limitations and share insights within our DEL20 innovation network.  
  • Have the chance to win 25 (!) free advisory days to realize your ambitions. 

Mark your calendar!  

step 1: Looking for innovative experiments! 

📅 November 2023 - January 31, 2024

  • Submit your experiment/idea before January 31, 2024 by filling out the form. 
  • Make it easy on yourself - use our handy template, which you can download here.  

step 2: Flanders Technology & Innovation

📅 March 15 - March 22, 2024

Students from various universities will work on the submitted experiments during 3 simultaneous hackathons held in Ghent, Antwerp, and Hasselt.

📅 March 24, 2024

Closing ceremony in Antwerp where the winners of the 3 hackathons will be announced.

step 3: DEL20 cycle

delaware continues to work on the selected experiments during the DEL20 cycle.
  • Start implementation of experiments (April 2024): During a webinar we will announce the results of FTI hackathons and the winning experiments on which we will work.   
  • Innovation Café (September 2024): We will visit a company from the DEL20 community and organize an innovative workshop. 
  • Close-out event (January 2025): We will share the results and innovative solutions and look ahead to the next cycle.
by working on real problems using real data, innovation becomes more efficient and effective
Thierry Bruyneel, partner at delaware

About DEL20

The DEL20 community is an ecosystem that makes digital transformation concrete.  

“The main idea of the DEL20 ecosystem is to allow businesses to experiment with new technologies like AI, robotics, IoT and more, without having to worry about competition, budgets, or risk of failure,” explains Thierry Bruyneel, partner at delaware and event creator. “Clients can propose a project and we offer them a framework – along with free consulting days for the winner – to help realize their ambitions. Meanwhile, the goal is to share insights and findings with the entire DEL20 community.”

👉 More information about DEL20

About FTI

FTI stands for Flanders Technology & Innovation. A new, engaging societal project by which Flanders wants to prepare itself for the future. FTI wants to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that strengthen our competitiveness and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. It wants to be the innovative laboratory of Europe, in order to take a technological advantage and provide innovations that benefit us all. In line with this vision, FTI is developing a 2-yearly multi-day festival full of initiatives and experiences to showcase technology & innovation in Flanders, promote STEM education and solve tomorrow's challenges already today. 

👉 More information about FTI