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In an ever-expanding global market, finding suppliers, negotiating deals, exchanging documents and navigating the entire source-to-pay cycle has become increasingly complex. Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a single platform to manage all of this? Well, there is! It’s called SAP Ariba, and it has become the world’s largest online Spend Management platform.

At delaware, we’re not just Platinum Certified SAP gurus and long-time SAP collaborators.  We also love Ariba because it’s open, it’s cloud-based and it’s smart, helping our customers to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Our customers depend on us to skillfully guide them through the transition of their procurement processes to SAP Ariba. Can we depend on you to contribute to our journey? Are you the bright, IT-minded SAP Ariba consultant we’re looking for?

What will you be doing as an SAP Ariba consultant?

Every day, millions of buyers and suppliers log in to the unique digital marketplace of SAP Ariba. But where does that put you? Let’s have a look at what you’ll be engaging in on a daily basis:

  • As an SAP Ariba consultant, you consider Ariba to be the innovative tool that integrates the entire source-to-pay process across a customer’s organization. From organizing sourcing events and auctions, to contract management and spend analyses, to operational procurement flows and communication with suppliers, etc., you’ll get in touch with stakeholders all over the company!
  • This also means you’ll be involved in the entire Ariba implementation project from A to Z:
    • During the first meetings with customers, you’ll convince them to partner with us. With your passion and expertise, you’ll be our own dedicated Ariba ambassador.
    • Communication is key! You’ll share your Ariba best practices during the workshops you organize at customer sites, and adjust as needed.
    • You’ll then find out how to leverage SAP Ariba to improve on the customer’s procurement processes, tweaking them to make the system run like clockwork.
    • Smooth sailing from there on out? Almost! After the final configuration, you’ll guide the customer on the user acceptance testing and support, right through to the actual go-live.
  • With a client portfolio as diverse as delaware’s, there’s never a dull moment. You’ll be working for chemical companies, the automotive industry and even the food sector. Variety is guaranteed! By the way, did we mention that delaware is Belgium’s biggest SAP implementation partner?

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Do you have what it takes to become a SAP Ariba consultant?

Now that you know what you’ll be doing on a daily basis, let’s see if you can tick off some of the boxes in the following list:

  • If we are going to achieve all of the things mentioned above, we’ll need a seasoned SAP expert. Have you gained solid experience working with SAP Ariba? (Or are you at least looking to gain a lot more)?
  • It’s in both our best interests if you’re Ariba-certified, so we’ll spare no effort to have you wearing that well-deserved badge. Already certified? Even better!
  • Were you previously involved in full life cycle implementation projects? As a functional SAP Ariba consultant, you’ll be taking on a leading role in guiding our customers through end-to-end projects.
  • Do you combine strong source-to-pay process knowledge with insights into SRM software packages? Maybe you previously acted as key user for the platform, or you were part of an IT team implementing similar solutions. Your gained experience in (e-)procurement, working with VIM or MM, is a great starting point!
  • Let’s cut to the chase: At delaware, we want to become Ariba market leaders. Are you up to it? Will you help us grow SAP Ariba across Belgium (and beyond)? Some background in sales might also come in handy. We’ll be rooting for you!
  • With your interpersonal and communicative skills, will you be the team player who spontaneously takes colleagues under his/her wing?
  • Can you express yourself fluently in Dutch or French, as well as English?
  • And last but not least, do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a sense of positive team spirit.

We have offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk, Lummen and Liège but we like to get close to our customers, which is why we spend a lot of our time working with them on location. Your work as an Ariba expert might take you abroad as well. After all, that’s the great thing about the cloud: it’s everywhere.

Want to discover more?

You can find out more about us on our website or read about how delaware uses SAP Ariba to create supplier networks.
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