Boost growth on our bootcamp

Apr 29, 2024

Did you know that delaware provides a diverse range of learning & development opportunities, including customized 'bootcamps'? These programs create a dynamic learning atmosphere that encourages personal and professional growth.

A new era of individual ownership

Our learning & development team, delaware Academy, wants to inspire growth in a tailormade program where the employee is taking ownership of their own growth path. Doesn’t everyone ultimately have their own needs? Right. 

We want to recognize, motivate and foster a learning culture with growth mindset. The bootcamps offer the unique opportunity to connect with their peers and their leadership to expand their network. And of course, we want to celebrate career milestones!

All aboard

United, we stand and together we empower all our #peopleofdelaware to obtain their utmost necessary skills, knowledge, and competence to confidently walk their career path. 

We organise different role and level-based bootcamps, inviting promoted colleagues for that level to participate. Each year in September we organise a 4-week analyst bootcamp for our starters. Next to that we also have our yearly consultant, senior, manager bootcamp and our role-based team lead bootcamp.

Get to know our participants of last year

Zakaria Ali joined analyst bootcamp

The bootcamp at delaware was instrumental in launching my career, offering vital tools for daily operations. Starting at Ghelamco Arena, I embraced delaware's ethos, connected with colleagues, and deepened team bonds. Through engaging activities and networking sessions, my soft skills were honed, followed by tailored ERP introductions for technical proficiency. Module-specific training refined expertise, culminating in a challenging business game for real-world application. These enriching experiences not only expanded my professional skills but also fostered lasting connections with talented peers, making the bootcamp a standout highlight of my time at delaware. 

Dilara joined consultant bootcamp

The consultant bootcamp focused, amongst others, on effective customer collaboration fundamentals. The training proved to be an eye-opener, equipping us with skills to form trusted relationships with both clients and colleagues. Through active listening techniques, we learned to pose better questions and tackle problems more efficiently. This learning opportunity provided me with actionable insights and practical tips on effective collaboration, empowering and inspiring me to excel in my professional life.

Axelle joined team lead bootcamp

The bootcamp exceeded my expectations in fostering connections and self-awareness. Engaging with different team leads provided valuable insights into diverse approaches in an informal atmosphere as it provides a platform for meaningful connections and growth. The bonds formed during the bootcamp continue to enrich my professional journey, serving as a network of support and inspiration in my daily work. 

I look forward to getting inspired by other team leads, on topics such as internal mobility and enhancing daily tasks through collaboration. 

Kanda joined senior bootcamp

The senior bootcamp was an eye-opening experience that greatly enhanced my understanding of business acumen in project management, commercial awareness, and the power of coaching. The sessions were highly interactive and provided me with practical strategies and techniques to apply in my daily work. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on strengthening collaboration and connection with other colleagues. The knowledge gained from this bootcamp was invaluable, making it a rewarding experience for my career development and growth within delaware.

Tom joined teamlead bootcamp

It was a valuable moment to see and connect with the new team leads, facilitating constructive exchanges and fostering a sense of community. We discussed diverse subjects, from work ethics to diversity and inclusion. The bootcamp significantly contributed to enhancing my daily tasks and job performance. It provided a platform to establish guidelines, ensuring that while we embrace individuality, we reinforce the delaware culture & DNA.

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