MS Integration Project Manager

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You’re an experienced IT project manager and a bit of a juggler. You can keep an overview of ongoing projects and make sure they get delivered within time and budget.
You are the linchpin who connects all project components, from analysis to architecture design, from planning to development, from testing to Go Live and everything in between. Your planning capabilities are impeccable. 
Does keeping in close contact with our customers to discover their needs while also staying in touch with the technical and functional side of things sound like the ideal combo to you? Then we want to hear from you! 

Who are we?

We’re the Microsoft Integration team: we detangle the IT jungle that many companies have created out of their different systems, technologies, apps, and tools. We make sure everything is logically structured by making applications ‘talk’ to each other. Our tools? Azure Integration Services, Azure Storage, SQL, C# & .NET and more…
We’re a tight-knit young and growing community of 40+ awesome technologists who build Azure solutions that integrate people, information and business processes. Here’s an example of an innovative integration solution we’re really proud of.
As a team, we not only have a very strong sense of belonging, all of us are absolutely convinced of the enormous growth potential of IoT to almost every type of business and industry.
Just so you know: delaware has its offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Lummen, Liège, and Wavre, but we also spend a lot of time working together with our customers on-site. 

more info about this job?

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Mathieu Chatelet - Recruiter

What will you do?

As an Integration project manager at delaware, you’ll sit down with our customers to learn about their needs, taking the presale lead.
To create the best customer experience, you’ll take the lead in the technical analysis of the architecture, all based on the user journey mapped out by you.
You’ll juggle multiple projects at a time, each lasting a few months. Mitigating risks, handling changing demands, managing your time effectively, and budgeting are all part of the job.
You’ll be guiding each project team through flawless delivery, facilitating cooperation, contributing technical advice, and setting out the sprint planning. 
The Microsoft Integration Team is part of delaware’s technical side, but its tentacles reach far beyond. You’ll serve as a bridge between the integration team and other delaware divisions, including dynamics back-end, data analytics, mobile & web and more.

Is there a match?

Let’s see, if you... 
-    Are keen on understanding, improving, and connecting business processes.
-    Already have proven project management skills 
-    Are capable of working independently and can handle and manage projects responsibly. 
-    Have a inherent interest in the subject. If you have a degree in software development and coding, that’s a plus. 
-    Can bring the necessary analysis and technical insight to the table and use these skills in a flexible way that supports project flows.
-    Are convinced communication is your strong suit, not only in dealing with customers but also your teammates and other delaware divisions. 
-    Are fluent in Dutch and English. Proficiency in French is an advantage.
-    Are willing to travel across Flanders to maintain customer relationships and ensure the success of every project.
Then you’re the MS Integration project manager we’re looking for!

Let's meet up!

Come have a chat with us, and tell us all about your skills, talents, and previous experience. Are you keen to help us grow our Microsoft Integration team? Make sure to connect with us if you have any questions whatsoever. Click the Apply now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!


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