Junior Data & IT Consultant (September 2024)

Microsoft, data & ai, no experience, consultant

Please note we have filled this position for 2023 but we are accepting applications for future openings in September 2024. 

“In my first year at delaware, I’ve been working on the Medusa migration project at De Watergroep. From a back-end perspective, our goal is to migrate and validate the full data model from SQL Server DBMS to the cloud-based Databricks data platform. My role on the project has been to extract the data from the source system and transform it into consistent input for the target system. Then I validate the data to ensure it has been transferred correctly and that all integrity rules have been maintained. This way, data is made available to front-end systems and can be used for the requested processes." — Irene Paolini

Like Irene, you’ll be involved in the entire consulting cycle from A to Z (i.e. from analysis to implementation and training). Your goal is to create end-to-end, integrated data solutions, which could include:

  • Data capturing: you extract and bring together as much structured, semi-sturctured, and unstructured data as possible, wherever it may reside (i.e. ETL process)  
  • Data and information management: you not only integrate and enrich data, you also manage the data architecture, modeling, governance, quality, and security 
  • Analytics and data science: You help your customers generate the right type of insights: from reporting on past events or handling large volumes of data to predicting and even prescribing future events 
  • Visualization: you make sure the data is properly visualized with regard to both content and design. You set up interactive reports and dashboards for our customers

Prepare yourself for an interesting journey in Data & AI, working on exciting projects for a broad range of companies and industries!

What team will you be part of?

Our Data & AI team provides a one-stop shop for all questions and issues related to data. Our mission is to support our customers on their data journey. We help organizations to tackle the challenges they face along the way. Today’s data world is complex, and expectations are high. Our approach is based on a solid data foundation, supplemented with data-driven applications. This way, our clients have access to a qualitative data platform that supports their decision-making.

We work where we work best, when we work best. delaware has its offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Liège, Lummen, and Wavre, but as a consultant, you’ll sometimes find yourself on-site with our customers as well. We offer flexible hours, and we’ll find the perfect balance together.

Prepare to launch your career like a rocket! At delaware, you’ll enjoy an attractive salary package and you’ll be part of one of the most exciting workplaces in Belgium and beyond. We’ll provide you with thorough training and onboarding and will invest in your growth every single day. If you’re motivated, the sky really is the limit. 

more info about this job?

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Laura Van Geert - Recruiter

Are we a match?

First of all, it’s important to know that we employ all kinds of people and profiles at delaware. Don’t worry if you can’t meet all our requirements. If you can meet some of them, then we want to hear from you and learn all about your skills, talents, and motivation. 

So, if you . . .


  • Are a student or young professional with an affinity for data
  • Have an interest in exploring platforms and tools like SQL, Python, Power BI, SAC, Azure, Databricks, S/4 HANA, etc. If you already have some experience with them, that’s a plus
  • Have an instinct for consultancy: you have the communication skills to get to the core of what clients want and need, and then guide them through the improvement process
  • Speak English fluently, preferably in combination with Dutch or French
  • Have a driver’s license, to get wherever you need to be
  • Are motivated to learn and eager to take on new challenges

. . . then you’re the Junior Data & IT Consultant we need!

Let's chat

Come and have a chat with us and tell us all about your skills, talents, and previous experience. If you’re interested in multiple vacancies, we’ll keep the conversation open so you can consider all options.

Are you keen to help us grow and contribute to delaware’s story? Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions whatsoever. Already convinced? Click the Apply Now button below, and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!

delaware is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that empowers all our people. A diverse workforce is the best guarantee of success for our employees, our customers, and our partners. 


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