Discrete manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing

Creating lasting experiences

Discrete manufacturing is facing a radical transformation, driven by unprecedented challenges: hyper-personalization, new sustainability standards, the ever-intensifying quest for effortless experiences, etcTo succeed in this changing world, manufacturers should be flexible, efficient, and focus on their customers. A dedicated partner like delaware can help you create new opportunities.  


At delaware, we understand the complexities and opportunities of discrete manufacturing like no otherOver the years, we’ve helped countless organizations to leverage business applications like ERP, CRM, BI, etc. At the same time, we’ve deployed advanced technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI, and analytics to help our customers optimize processes, products, and services.

What's at stake?

With innovative technology, expert guidance and smart decision-making, discrete manufacturers can:

balance their supply chain

In our post-pandemic world, resilience is more important than speed. Strike the right balance between flexibility, diversification, and complete visibility throughout your supply chain.

build powerful networks

No manufacturer or department is an island. Get rid of internal and external silos by embracing networked manufacturing and improve your business processes and competitiveness. This includes both horizontal networks (with other parties in your supply chain) and vertical networks (within your organizational silos and applications).

become the most wanted employer

To attract new talent, manufacturers need to rethink their approach to hiring and creating unique employee experiences. Involve teams in your innovation journey, and renew your focus on quality of life, inclusion, and safety.

tackle the challenges of an ageing workforce

including the capturing and securing of specific skills and expertise, and the reskilling and retraining of blue- and white-collar employees with regards to changing competency requirements due to the rise of AI and automation. 

of manufacturers plan to invest in supply chain resilience over the next 2 years.

Aligning customer experience and operations

Forward-thinking manufacturers grow their top line and secure their bottom line by: 

  • increasing their market share through after-sales services and servitization, and building customer loyalty throughout the product lifecycle. Here, data intelligence can generate valuable customer insights, which, in turn, can lead to a boost in sales.
  • enhancing customer experiences across every channel with accessible and reliable information. 
  • scaling online revenue through cross- and upselling and/or direct-to-consumer (D2C) business models.  

The key to making all this a reality?

Bridging the gap between customer experience and operations by means of a performant end-to-end strategy. The result? Customers get the unique, personalized experiences they expect, while your organization benefits from increased operational efficiency, better decision-making and reduced costs. What that looks like:

  • Understanding customer needs and sharing feedback enables each department to adjust their processes more proactively, leading to greater sales and channel effectiveness. 
  • Improving supply chain efficiency and visibility – and the ability to execute in the cloud – helps minimize disruptions and ensures business continuity. 
  • Deploying advanced technologies creates a connected, intelligent, and more productive industry that can handle increasing demand, higher expectations, and overall uncertainty.

How Joris Ide connects internal efficiency with customer experience

Next to its high-quality steel products, Belgian manufacturer Joris Ide is also well-known for its outstanding customer service. To further strengthen its leading position, the company embarked on a digital journey with delaware and SAP. The goal? Bringing an already-great customer experience to new heights, while also boosting internal efficiency. 

What to focus on next

From digital product passports (DPP) and digital twins to data monetization and leveraging networks: discrete manufacturers are swamped with trends and accompanying solutions. Seeing the forest for the trees can be daunting. 

As an end-to-end integrator with decades of industry experience and technological expertise, it’s our mission to help companies like yours navigate the new age of discrete manufacturing. And while we can handle many aspects of that ourselves, we’ve also built a vast partner network to ensure you’re supported every step of the way. 

Going forward, the ability to align operational excellence and customer experience will be one of the most important factors for success in discrete manufacturing.
Piet Vanwolleghem, Industry Lead Discrete Manufacturing at delaware

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