How Magotteaux is crushing Industry 4.0: Optimizing the operation and output of rock crushers with data

May 31, 2023
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When it comes to digging up improvement opportunities, it’s hard to beat Magotteaux. This global leader in process optimization solutions for mining and cement companies employs more than 3,000 people and is active in over 150 countries. Recently, the company teamed up with delaware to create a new data application that optimizes the energy consumption, reliability, and output quality of rock crushers.

  • Client: Magotteaux, global leader in process optimization for mining and cement companies
  • Challenge: Optimizing the operation and output of rock crushers
  • Solution: A proof-of-concept data application for measuring and predicting key aspects like energy consumption, product quality, wear, etc. of rock crushers

Smart and strategic

New technologies and tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing are the driving forces behind the current industrial revolution. However, smart solutions alone are not enough: they need to be embedded in a long-term strategic vision. "Achieving more with the same resources should be the starting point for every company," says Simon Nuttin, Manager Supply Chain at delaware. "The right perspective on innovations and their implementation can help organizations tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges, such as inflation, energy costs, and shocks in the supply chain." 

Together with delaware, we developed a strong proof-of-concept data application for our customer: a key first step towards long-term strategic process optimization.
Patrick Van Huffel, CIO at Magotteaux


That vision aligns strongly with Magotteaux’. More than just helping customers optimize operations via smart products and solutions, the company is actively shaping the industry of the future through strategic advice and extensive investments in research and development.

"Together with delaware, we recently developed a strong proof-of-concept application for one of our clients," says Patrick Van Huffel, Chief Information Officer at Magotteaux. "The app measures and predicts, among other things, the energy consumption and production quality of a stone crusher, based on machine settings and operator actions." As a result, machine operation and output can be optimized, and a predictive maintenance strategy can be established. This means that operators are warned in advance when certain components need to be replaced – saving costs and reducing downtime.

Zoom out: Industry 4.0 and business consultancy

From strategy to shop floor

In 2022, delaware established a management consultancy team to guide organizations more effectively towards the most suitable technologies and solutions. "Together with our clients, we develop a strategy for the coming years, with objectives such as process optimization and cost savings,” explains Simon Nuttin, Manager Supply Chain at delaware. “This strategy is then translated into a roadmap with concrete projects. Whether a company aims to save costs, increase production flexibility, or achieve sustainable manufacturing, our team assists in defining and implementing the necessary steps.”

But there’s more. delaware also collaborates closely with production teams to identify and prioritize opportunities. “By leveraging our in-house expertise in Industry 4.0 and SAP, and our network of Industry 4.0 partners, such as ABB, we can quickly assess the feasibility and costs of solutions and subsequently implement them. Our main objective is to be an accelerator for an Industry 4.0 transformation," Simon concludes.

ready to crush your Industry 4.0 objectives?

Simon Nuttin, manager Supply Chain & Manufacturing
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