Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages

The power of simplicity

Delaware is committed to delivering essential web development tools with minimal impact on your time and budget. With Power Pages, you can rapidly create effortless, secure, scalable, low-code / no-code websites – tailored to meet your business needs. Prioritising usability, Power Pages enables team members of any skill level to build premium websites.

Designs on demand

Quickly generate websites for scheduling, registration, and application submission using customisable, feature-packed templates from the Template Hub, ready-made to fit your industry's business processes and specific needs. Add text, video, imagery, and business data forms and lists to your pages; using themes from the styling workspace in Power Pages' Design Studio - to tailor your pages and aligns with your company's brand.

Through the Power Pages on-platform "Learn Hub," your team gains access to a wealth of helpful resources, including tutorials, videos, and documentation, which provide in-depth information on the platform's full capabilities. Supporting your team in making the most of Power Pages’ extensive features.

Efficient and secure data governance

Power Pages eliminates data silos and minimises security and compliance risks, whilst unlocking countless possibilities for data optimisation. 

  • Leverage on-platform data capture capabilities, or streamline integration with other Microsoft products like Power BI for invaluable data insights. 
  • Create structure and protect your business data by assigning role-based permissions, ensuring controlled file/feature access for smooth operations and enforced security.
  • As part of Power Platform, Power Pages is supported by Microsoft Azure compliance and governance capabilities – ensuring continuous security and governance updates, for your peace of mind.

The best is yet to come...

Don't miss out on the limitless possibilities with Power Pages' functionalities and integrations. delaware's team of industry experts can help unleash your full business potential, by leveraging our extensive technical knowledge. Get started today and discover how Power Pages can transform your business.

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