The Microsoft ecosystem

The Microsoft ecosystem

at the heart of your digital strategy

The Microsoft ecosystem at the heart of your digital strategy

The full functional scope

Building up a truly digital workplace with Office 365. Enhancing your customer experience or improving your operational efficiency with Dynamics 365. Raising the bar with analytics to grow your business with Cortana and the Azure platform. Microsoft means functional richness, all in one place. In the same environment, your users jump seamlessly from Microsoft Teams to Outlook. From SharePoint to Power BI.

 User friendliness

The best apps will be useless if they are not adopted by your employees. As the world leader in personal productivity software, Microsoft definitely knows about user friendliness. And every employee knows also a bit about a Microsoft product, starting with Windows and Office. By partnering with Microsoft, you choose solutions that are developed more from a business perspective than a technological one.


The Microsoft world is much more open than it used to be. You get access to best-in-class third party applications that you can combine with well-known Microsoft applications. By unlocking the power of the cloud, the Azure platform allows you to easily plug in apps and services to accelerate your digital transformation. Whatever your size (SME or large enterprise) or your sector of activity (profit or non-profit), there is always a Microsoft solutionthat suits your need. You can even mix SAP and Microsoft technologies now.

Microsoft no longer employs people, people employ Microsoft.... I know we are on the right track when I hear a colleague express an insight that could only come from empathy.
Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft (from his book Hit Refresh) 

Choosing Microsoft solutions and delaware’s hands-on expertise means opening up your digital world to a new horizon of opportunities. Microsoft offers you so much more than you think.

Much more than a leading software provider, Microsoft offers you all the flexibility and security of cloud technology to stay ahead of the curve. Together with delaware as a leading Gold Partner, the Microsoft ecosystem is your safe bet to stay innovative, generating business value out of promising technologies such as advanced analytics, AR/VR and the Internet of Things.