Sea, sun and Sandaya in less than three months

Feb 21, 2018
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Sandaya is a relatively young network of camping sites in France and Spain, but it is by no means led by inexperienced hands. Its founders all came from various other parts of the hospitality business, and in seven years, some of its campsites have been able to rack up four- and five-star ratings.

From the beginning, the company knew it wanted to do most of its business online, which meant having the kind of website that not only offered excellent user experience but would also be easy to update.

A CMS built for and by marketeers

Sandaya knew exactly what it wanted: a content management system (CMS) built for and by marketeers, and not with the ‘traditional’ IT mindset. This clicked with delaware, who set up and delivered a tailor-made CMS in under three months.

“delaware understood our needs perfectly,” comments Xavier Guilbert, one of Sandaya’s founders, “they saw how much being agile and responsive in this market matters, especially to a start-up, and they delivered a CMS that gave us a lot of independence.”

While delaware and Sandaya both wanted Sandaya to have the greatest possible flexibility in how it would use its CMS, both companies still enjoy a very close customer relationship after seven years. “Every three months, delaware delivers an update to our systems so that we can always remain a step ahead in offering the best kind of vacations to our customers,” says Mr. Guilbert.

Always equipped with the latest weapons

Not having to dial up a third-party implementation partner for small change requests cuts down on time spent maintaining and updating, and increases the time for Sandaya to engage with its audience and market itself. The continuous release cycle updates to its CMS, on the other hand, ensure that Sandaya is always equipped with the latest weapons to beat the competition. This seems to be working out fine: after a start in France and an expansion into Spain, the company is looking to push into other European countries.

As a fully online company, a flexible content management system that delivers great user experience to prospective campers is extremely important to Sandaya.

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