SNCB International: Disclosing moments on the go

Mar 14, 2017
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Commuters experience moments every day while travelling with SNCB International (formerly known as NMBS B-Europe). Together we extended these moments to an online platform, where travelers can book and consult their tickets in a user-friendly way. Because travelers want to inspire, discover, buy, and travel to capture moments around the world.

SNCB International is a part of SNCB, the Belgian Railways. B-SNCB International is responsible for the international train travels in Europe and can rely on a wide range of trains (Thalys, Ice, Eurostar, TGV, Eurocity and Intercity).

Easy journey

Travelers can now experience a shortened booking flow, look up real-time information and plan their travel online.

Book tickets with any device

SNCB International wants to travel paperless. The traditional train tickets will disappear in the future and will be replaced by train tickets that are available on smartphones. We launched mobile Apps that are available on iOS and Android.

Moments for everyone

We all travel, and a seamless experience is key. Therefore the entire digital journey is optimized, from booking a ticket online to arriving at your destination.