JLL gets closer to its customers thanks to a ‘glocalized’ version of Dynamics CRM

Feb 27, 2020
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The business property sector has fully entered its digitalization phase. In order to maintain its position as market leader, JLL has undergone a transformation aimed at generating even more value for its customers. Based on all the data at its disposal, delaware supported the company with the implementation of a new CRM system that is more scalable and more complete, based on Microsoft Dynamics.  

"Customer data is of key importance in the digital transformation we have begun. The end goal is to get to know and serve our customers better. To do this, we needed a new CRM system that provides all our departments with a 360 degree view of every customer," explains Jean-Philip Vroninks, CEO of JLL Belux.

To guarantee international consistency, JLL chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM at European level. At the same time as the Belux organization, a dozen other JLL subsidiaries in Europe launched projects aimed at the modernization of their customer databases.

The ‘glocal’ challenge

Striking the right balance between a certain degree of standardization of the solution on an international level and compliance with local professional specificities was the major challenge of this project.

"Every country has its own ways of working. For example, JLL Belux has developed a specific system for the management of immovable property for its agents. In addition, some countries were more advanced than others in customer relations management. Belgium already had a CRM system that had become obsolete, whereas other countries only worked in Excel. For delaware and our teams, the main challenge was to personalize the solution so that it would meet our local expectations and represent true progress, whilst also preserving a certain international consistency,"  says Valina Sempot, Head of Marketing, Communication, Research and Information Management at JLL Belux.

Such a piece of ‘glocal’ synthesis between global and local demand is often perilous. JLL Belux points out that delaware has managed to pull off the exercise brilliantly, sometimes even managing to simplify the solution without ever detracting from its functional depth.

Ready for the future

"Our CRM system now allows for greater transparency within the company. Each department is aware of the interactions that another department might have had with one customer or another. This allows us to develop a more personalized relationship,"  summarizes Jean-Philip Vroninks.

With respect to customer service, by overlapping some data Dynamics is also able to be more proactive, for example by sending customized information according to customer preferences.

A scalable solution such as Microsoft Dynamics also facilitates the integration of new self-service analytics tools such as Power BI, in addition to the sharing of certain specific developments within JLL.

"delaware, through its in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft environment, was a valuable aid for us in 'importing’ solution extensions from other subsidiaries or in ‘exporting’ certain Belux developments," concludes Valina Sempot.

delaware's added value

  • an effective interface role between local specificities and the international vision
  • stability, perseverance and dedication of the project team, in a long-term vision
  • combination of interpersonal, functional and technical skills
  • in-depth knowledge of the Dynamics environment to facilitate the sharing of solutions between JLL Belux and other subsidiaries

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