Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Transform your business with delaware's Management Consulting team

With a variety of challenges and new technologies accelerating the revolution in nearly all industries, impactful business transformation is essential. Our management consulting team brings specialized knowledge, skills and experience to navigate this complex landscape.

This team is more than the newest and fastest-growing solution at delaware: it allows us to support your business with not only our technology expertise, but also with strategy and business optimization. Everything you need to transform beyond technologies, industries and the needs of your different stakeholders, while rebuilding your function, teams, strategy, and ultimately your business model.

3 steps to transformational success

Our experts will guide you through the entire transformation journey, with a unique approach. We bring business strategy, technology and people together thelp you set up a game plan for the next 3 to 5 years. This approach is called Connected Transformation.

Step 1

We help you make strategic decisions to achieve your goals.

Step 2

We design, build and integrate best-in-class solutions at all business and technology levels.

Step 3

We connect strategy, technology and people through solid change management experience.

70% to 95% of all business transformations fail to meet their original objectives.
At delaware, we recognize the importance of getting it right the first time, and we can help you navigate the road to transformation with a comprehensive and effective plan.
Francois Jaucot, Connected Transformation Lead at delaware

Why delaware?

Our management consulting team is ideally positioned to deliver on the promise of successful transformational impact. Here’s why: 

  • Our consultants are specialists in their fields.  From finance and performance management to customer experience, change adoption, supply chain transformation, employee experience management, and far beyond.
  • Our multidisciplinary team combines strategic insight, technical expertise, and an in-depth business experience. 
  • We cherish long-term partnerships built on mutual respect, a shared language, and commitment to a shared goal.
  • While we insist on getting the basics right, we’re also fast movers in terms of innovation. 

Francois Jaucot

Connected Transformation Lead

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