Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Building a sustainable future

Companies that respond to a challenge and start moving towards a sustainable future, are sure to stand out from the competition. Still, the journey is long and complex. Looking for help to get started or to level up your sustainability efforts? No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, Microsoft Cloud will help you record, report and reduce your environmental impact. Add to that the expertise of our experts and you’re set for success.

To boost your sustainability performance and meet the reporting duties, you need to collect, process and analyze big amounts of data. A solid data infrastructure, data-driven solutions and AI can help.
Rani Vanhaelst, sustainability expert, delaware

Record, report and reduce: your 3-step decarbonization plan

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability provides you with a series of smart capabilities to help you cut your CO2 emissions  in every step – from collecting data and communicating transparently through to improving your footprint:

Record carbon emission data and visualize their impacts

Struggling to collect carbon footprint data, as it is spread across distinct systems and departments, like accounting, manufacturing and even your fleet? Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability aggregates all the emission data from internal as well as external sources into one centralized platform, via out-of-the-box connectors. Your win? A complete overview of your carbon footprint, making it easier for your business to take needed action. 

Want to take it a step further still? MS Cloud for Sustainability is built on the MS Power BI platform which allows flexibility in adding connectors. This way, it allows easier data collection and more detailed insights. 

Report accurately and transparently, both internally and externally  

Microsoft Cloud automatically converts all the gathered data, like details on energy and fuel use, into greenhouse gas emission information. Dashboards, reports and built-in analytics make it easy to understand your impact and communicate transparently to customers, employees, and investors about your journey to net zero. 

Moreover, the platform will can help you meet increasingly demanding legal obligations and potential audits, as well as set and track environmental goals. 

Reduce the impact of your operations and supply chain

More than providing insights, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps you reduce the impact of your operations and supply chain. By identifying trouble spots, setting goals and monitoring them, you have a clear view on your progress at any time. Based on industry and regulatory recommendations, the platform will then provide smart advice on where to reduce emissions, gain efficiencies and make changes.

How can delaware help?

Our experts can help you integrate Microsoft sustainability tools into your Microsoft platform, as well as look at the feasibility of integrating them with other solutions and data sources.  

More than that, we aim to be your long-term sustainability partner, guiding you throughout your entire sustainability journey: from helping you determine and prioritize your company’s material topics and building a sustainability strategy through to measuring, analyzing, reporting and reducing your sustainability impact. After all, sustainability is a long-term process, based on continual improvement. 

Data- and AI-driven solutions can help organizations to efficiently collect, analyze and visualize ESG-related data, share it and even make predictions to base new targets on.
Evelien Vanhooren, partner, delaware

Why delaware as your sustainability partner?

  • Our diverse industry experience has given us the tailored knowledge and sustainability expertise to make any business's sustainability drive a success. 
  • Thanks to our DEL20 project we know the most innovative startups; giving us early insight into the sustainability technologies and climate tech of tomorrow.
  • We have experience developing bespoke custom sustainability solutions, such as water usage detectors.
  • More than an expert Microsoft solution provider, we also have many years’ experience in data collection and conversion and AI.

Rani Vanhaelst

Sustainability expert

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