Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Webinar - November 9, 2023

How can a data driven solution improve your sustainability reporting and boost your performance? 
During this webinar and demo, we will introduce you to Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Accelerate your sustainability efforts

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability brings together a growing set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities, enabling organizations to accelerate their sustainability efforts.

As such, organizations can… 

  • Improve their ESG intelligence and performance (by collecting, transforming and analyzing data) 
  • Prepare for increased reporting requirements (including the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD)
  • Build more sustainable IT systems 
  • Unlock sustainable growth

Rewatch the recording of the webinar

Recording webinar

During this webinar, we talked about: 

  • The struggles that companies face when it comes to sustainability data, reporting, insights, and impact measurements.
  • How to prepare and cope with the changing landscape of sustainability reporting.
  • How to get started with Microsoft Cloud for sustainability, through a demo of the system.
  • How to automate the collection, transformation and reporting of sustainability data throughout your value chain.
  • How feasible it is to integrate Microsoft Cloud for sustainability with other solutions and data sources.
  • The latest updates and newest features of Microsoft Cloud for sustainability.
  • What your next steps could be to move towards an automated way of reporting.

At the end of the webinar, there will be room for questions and answers

Did you know, the delaware approach always considers the sustainability and data maturity of your organization when determining a sustainability strategy?

Meet the speakers

Mathias Vergauwen

Technical architect - data & AI for sustainability at Microsoft

Rani Vanhaelst

Sustainability expert & senior d365 finance consultant at delaware

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