Webinar: SAP ERP security

Webinar: SAP ERP security

SAP ERP Security

March 24, 2022
Let’s face it — few IT systems are as critical to the functioning of your business as your ERP system. In today’s digital economy it really is as essential as the electricity that keeps the lights on. All the more reason to make sure this crucial part of your SAP system landscape is 100% safe and secure . . . and stays that way!

protecting the heart of your business

Not only are businesses breached every day now, but the economic impact of cybersecurity breaches are often devastating. In this webinar we’ll look at SAP ERP Security from this critical business angle. Apart from a high-level overview of current security trends and technologies, we’ll also give the full picture on SAP security services and the use of Microsoft cloud tools to secure an SAP environment.

what to expect?

More specifically, you'll: 

  • learn about the critical importance of investing in SAP ERP Security
  • discover what security technologies and consulting services are available today, including an overview of Microsoft cloud tools
  • zoom in on the real-time threat monitoring capabilities within SAP
  • watch a live product demo

At the end of the session you'll get to put your questions directly to our security experts

webinar info

Thursday 24 March, 2022, 11h00 AM - 12h00 PM

location: online
webinar language: English

11:00 Welcome 

11:05 Setting the scene: SAP security

11:25 Microsoft Keynote for SAP Sentinel

11:40 SAP Sentinel demo

11:50 Q&A

meet our speakers

Wouter Hemercyk

Security and architecture expert
Do you have questions on how to protect your enterprise systems? Then you should connect with Wouter. He can help you create secure systems that are great for the people and the business behind it.