Kickstart your data governance journey with Azure Purview

As companies become more data-oriented, the need to understand their data estates and democratize their data assets is more important than ever. Traditionally, business users had to rely on specialists for data preparation, or on the ‘tribal’ knowledge of more experienced colleagues, to make decisions.

Companies must adopt new ways of collecting, documenting, classifying and sharing data to foster a self-service data discovery model that empowers business users.

data catalog is a core component of modern data management and central to your data governance organization. It is a central repository of metadata (‘data about your data’) enriched with data management and searching capabilities. Combined with human curation, a self-enriching data catalog is vital in making your data estate understandable and discoverable.

Within this context, our webinar covers Azure Purview, Microsoft’s latest data governance offering. It helps you manage and govern your hybrid data estate (on-prem and in the cloud) by mapping your data assets, providing automated data discovery, lineage and classification options. Even more, its semantic search capabilities enable data discovery using business or technical terms.

What to expect:

In this free webinar, our experts will:

  • explore the need for a data catalog in a modern data platform;
  • dive into the value of Azure Purview;
  • discuss how Azure Purview helps you organically mature your data governance organization;
  • go hands-on with a number of data governance capabilities (glossary, classification);
  • guide you through the semantic search options available in the catalog.

Kickstart your data governance with Azure Purview

20 April 2021, 13:00 – 14:00