Webinar: automated machine learning discovery

Webinar: automated machine learning discovery

Webinar: automated machine learning

25 November, 2021

Automated machine learning discovery session

The added value of machine learning is huge. Yet, getting up and running with machine learning, can be challenging. Enter automated machine learning (AutoML). What is it and how can it help you?

In part 2 of this webinar series on machine learning, we’ll take a deep dive into the possibilities of automated machine learning.

We’ll explain how AutoML can be a promising approach for any citizen data scientist. It could help non-experts launch their first machine-learning projects, while boosting the productivity of experienced data scientists.

What to expect?

  • understand the concept of automated machine learning;
  • learn how AutoML democratizes machine learning;
  • hear about the benefits of AutoML for weathered data scientists;
  • discover popular AutoML solutions like DataBricks AutoML, Azure AutoML and DataStories via demos;
  • compare the pros and cons of existing solutions.

At the end of the session, we’ll reserve time for questions and answers.

webinar details

Thursday 25 November, 13h15-14h15
webinar language: English

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Some more info

Whether you’ve joined our first machine-learning webinar in August or not, this is your chance to gain valuable insights on how to jumpstart your machine-learning project – and become an AI-driven organization!