Vena webinar

Organizations today increasingly recognize the usefulness of evidence-based data and analytics in guiding decisions and pursuing business objectives. Data-driven insights don’t just make your company more adaptable to change, it gives you a competitive advantage as well.

Put your data to work

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unifies cloud data and analytics in one solution to help you achieve data-driven greatness.

  • Connect data across multi-cloud and on-premises repositories in real-time.
  • Unlock insights based on real-time data and analyze data with in-memory speed.
  • Empower users with self-service ability to connect, model, visualize and share their data securely, all in an IT governed environment.
  • Accelerate business outcomes by delivering pre-integrated database, data management, and analytics capabilities.
  • Make business decisions based on comprehensive, real-time information.

What to expect?

In this free webinar, our experts Arthur Vande Weghe and Ken Lefever guide you through the ins and outs of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:

  • explore core concepts and interesting use cases;
  • dive into some useful examples to empower your organization in combining enterprise and business data;
  • see an end-to-end demonstration detailing self-service modeling;
  • find out more about our tried-and-tested approach to create a unified data landscape with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. 

Webinar: Unleash the power of your data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

21 September, 16h00 – 17h00