Masterclass: X and O data integration

Masterclass: X and O data integration

September 22, 2023

Personalization, digital self-service and seamless omnichannel experience are the top three customer experience trends to invest in today. Accurate customer insights through excellent data integration are the foundation for all of this. Let’s get it right!

Driving insights through X and O data integration

By connecting operational data (O) with experience data (X), organizations are able to continuously improve and deliver a tailored and meaningful customer experience. As such, data integration can pave the way to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

In this masterclass, you’ll get hands-on tips and tricks on how to collect and integrate experience and operational data. Afterwards, you’ll be able to take even more targeted actions to elevate your customer experience and maximize ROI.

What to expect

  • Expert insights on X and O data integration
  • Inspiring interactive sessions
  • Connect and share experiences with peers
  • Possibility to ask questions to our data specialists

Event info & registration

Friday, September 22, 2023 from 08:30 to 16:00


delaware office Ghent

Blue Tower 1, Sluisweg 1, 3th floor

9000 Ghent


  • Kindly note that there is a fee of €750 to attend this masterclass.
  • You can park in underground parking C of the Blue Towers and validate your ticket at our reception desk at the 4th floor. 


08:30 | welcome & introduction

09:00 | part 1 of the day

- How to collect and analyze X data?

- How to get insights out of O data?

- What are the types of X and O data integration?

12.30 | sandwich lunch

13.15 | part 2 of the day

- How to calculate ROI of Voice of the customer programs?

- How to set the right priorities based on X and O data?

- How can X and O data integration drive continuous improvement?

16.00 | Q&A & closing

Registrations are closed for this event