Making accurate HR decisions using SAP HCM data

Employee data is key in making strategic HR business decisions that align with your company goals and initiatives. Are you equipped with the right tools to ease data-driven decision making?

Does your SAP HCM on-premise system have a wealth of information but are you still looking for a way to make it easily interpretable? delaware gladly guides you into the world of reporting and manager dashboards, showing you different solutions, at different sizes.

In this webinar, we explore the benefits of an embedded manager dashboard in SAP HCM versus an extensive solution built with SAP Analytics Cloud. We also invite our customer FN Herstal to showcase their embedded solution.

What to expect

In this webinar, you will discover the various options for reporting and creating manager dashboards using SAP HCM as a source.

Sign up to discover:

  • The benefits of using employee data to make strategic HR decisions

  • What dashboarding solution fits your company’s requirements

  • What FN Herstal’s manager dashboard embedded in SAP HCM looks like

HR decision making

Making accurate HR decisions using SAP HCM data
02 Mar, 13.00h-14.00h


Mar 02, 2021

1:00 PM
Making accurate HR decisions using SAP HCM data (60 min.) read more
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