Digital Pharma Summit

Digital Pharma Summit

June 13, 2024

Join us at the Digital Pharma Summit on June 13 for an exclusive opportunity to explore the evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies play a pivotal role in healthcare, but their influence is diversifying rapidly. As the industry engages more with patients and embraces digital health initiatives, the concept of omnichannel is being reimagined. Traditional approaches overlook many channels, leaving gaps in understanding. In response, a shift towards Customer Centricity is underway. Join us to discover how the industry is navigating these changes and shaping its future. 

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what to expect 

  • Maximize your time at the inaugural Digital Pharma Summit with 15 dynamic sessions packed into one afternoon.
  • Experience the pinnacle of content-driven digital pharma gatherings in Belgium as we aim to set a new standard in industry events.
  • Gain profound insights into the future of digital and multichannel within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Attend high-quality conferences led by over 15 industry experts.
  • Engage in strategic discussions and best practice exchanges with fellow marketers seeking inspiration.
  • Share experiences, challenge ideas, and network with over 240 participants, gaining diverse perspectives and direct answers to your business questions.

about our session

To be announced

practical information & registration 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Digital Pharma Summit on June 13!

🗓️When: June 13, 2024  

🕰️ Time: From 12.30PM until 6.00PM CEST

📍 Location: Sheraton Brussels, Brussels Airport, 1930 Brussels

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